So question about orrientation.

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    Received my first check from driver training orientation. It was a 4 day class ( 7-4pm Saturday-Tuesday)
    Tuesday we left early after testing was complete 9:15am(ish).
    I was told that Saturday was "unpaid" training.
    I had 22 hours on my check but I also came in Friday and worked 6 hours at my hub.

    Is this normal of having unpaid training or "your own pace" training as they called it. From what I'm seeing is that I wasn't paid for testing nor Saturday. Is this normal?

    I was also told I would be compensated for mileage and food due to the fact of my distance from the training site and my hub.
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    That doesn't sound right. You should be paid for any hours you worked. I don't do anything unpaid at UPS...up to and including using the bathroom!
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    The mileage and per diem will be on a separate check.

    There is no "free training" at UPS. Make a copy of your paystub and write down the hours that you believe that you were shorted.
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    Next contract #2's won't be covered.
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    I thought UPS didn't care about your orientation. We're an equal opportunity employer!
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    I figured the question would have been about the correct spelling of it. Guess I was way off on that guess. ;)
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    Yay....Ovah!! :hugs:
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    I don't know why, but every time he posts, I feel like I need to cover up.
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