So The First Daughters Are Being Educated in Racist Ways?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. wkmac

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    Wonder if the author of this piece took his arguement out to it's conclusion?

    Or are females exempt?

    When it comes to mass schooling, public or private, I believe John Taylor Gatto got
    it right! So did Pink Floyd!

  2. soberups

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    As a practical matter, it would be impossible for Obama's daughters to attend a public school. The security issues would be too disruptive.

    I have to say I am glad that the girls have, for the most part, been kept out of the media spotlight.
  3. wkmac

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    I don't disagree Sober but my point was if you take the op-ed's point out to it's conclusion, then one has to ask is Sidwell Friends teaching the Obama girls to be racists? No I don't believe that at all but I concede many private schools foster heirarchial thinking but I just disagee with the broad paintbrush the guy used to begin with. This blog post expands on the matter even further.

    I see any "first children" as victims of their parents choices and thus a normal average childhood is impossible. They may get to experience alot but they also miss a lot as well and I hate that for them. I do have to admit the youngest Obama daughter I do like as she just seems a real pistol and I like that in a young girl. Her frankness to her father I just love as she's thrown him under the bus a couple of times. In fun loving spirit I might add. The parents may be a put on as politics is always pure PR but a child has away to shatter the fascade that is that world and IMO this little sweetie has. May be the reason she's kept out of the limelight.

    If we adults could only face up and be that brutally honest with our own lives, all these kids would have it so much better. Lets fire her dad and make her President!
  4. Baba gounj

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    until barry needs them for a photo op.
  5. satellitedriver

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    This quote from the article got my goat.
    "Private schools by their very nature discriminate. Their students are literally the chosen ones — special, better. This sort of thinking has a way of weaving itself into the fibers of a family and into the thinking of the children, particularly young boys in a male culture where even the slightest deviations from the narrowest concepts of normality are heretical."
    My parents sacrificed, saved and worked their ass off to give their 6 children 12yrs of private Catholic education.
    Dad worked two jobs and Mom worked as a rotating shift nurse. The school costs took all the extra money and left little for any form of luxury.
    Racist? Chosen, special and better? Not even close.
    The Nun's and Priest's instilled in us just the opposite view and would not tolerate that type of thinking or behavior.
    Discipline was sure and swift.
    We were taught to excel in our talents, but not at a cost to others.
    The Motto of our High School was;
    "It is not permitted to be mediocre" ---( sounded fancier in Latin)---.
    Our educational foundation was a key component in the further successes in my, and my siblings, life.

  6. moreluck

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    Is est non licitus ut exsisto mediocris. (???)
  7. moreluck

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    Discriminating can also mean showing refined taste or good our parents showed good judgement in sending us to 12 years of Catholic school.
  8. diesel96

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    I don't know if this study has real meaning because of the difficulty of selecting a meaningful sample.

    But here's my spin, a Sharron Angle, who doesn't want a federal education department at all. Rand Paul thinks if you were dumb enough to be born into a poor family instead of a rich one it's your misfortune and none of his. And so on and so forth. These folks are poised to cut what little federal help remains for working people and cities down to the bone and beyond. For being the almighty great superpower country in the world, we are getting our asses kick in education. We spend (correction: put on credit) more on our Military Ind Complex and giving the wealthy tax breaks, and less on educating our youth, resulting from the US being #1, to out of the top ten......

    Income disparity has never been greater in the U.S.--the rich already have most of the wealth and keep acquiring even a larger share of it. Our un-Amish like profit driven capitalistic nature opts for outsourcing. College graduates ALREADY can't find jobs in the U.S. Just getting an education won't make a good job materialize. People who think so already have money or they wouldn't be laboring under such a grand delusion.
    The education debate feels to me like recession porn 2.0....something for rich people to do at cocktail parties... something that makes them feel like they care when they really don't and doesn't cost them anything

    If you question your child's PUBLIC school education, then wade in and take part in it. Tutor your child. Meet with their teachers. Add to their studies. Demand more of them and yourself. The difference between a public school education and an elite private school education is that in the public school, parental involvement is essential. No one will do your job for you that money can't buy.
    And don't fool yourself, w/o parental participation, that a private school will offer your child a top notch education, and refuge of any sort from violence or bullying. Reality check, private or public, if you as a parent, sit back and expect your money or your public sector to educate, drive and mold your kid, you have no business of having children in the first place.....JMH rant of the day...
  9. moreluck

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    Excuse me, did hell freeze over????

    I actually agree with diesel's last paragraph. My granddaughters both go to Public school in Vegas. Their mom is in there all the time dealing with both the discipline and the praise. These kids fall through the cracks when parents are too damn busy, drunk, high or whatever to even care. P.S. is not babysitting. P.S. is your child's education and you parents should be eyeballing it all along the way.
  10. Lue C Fur

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    I agree also with Deez last paragraph...its just that the first 2 were the typical Republican conservitive hating Deez.
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    Cosmetic surgery costs stir controversy

    Buffalo Schools are facing possible layoffs

    BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - The Buffalo School District is hurting for money and facing possible layoffs.
    So why did the district spend millions of dollars on cosmetic surgery for it's employees?
    Layoffs are always on the table as the Buffalo School District struggles to close a budget deficit that's topped $30 million.
    That's what board member Chris Jacobs says is so troubling about the report, that it paid $8 million for employees cosmetic surgery in 2009 alone.
    He's calling for a full investigation.
    "If I was a teacher that's not using this benefit and I know my colleagues are getting laid off I'd be troubled too," Jacobs said.
    Buffalo Teacher's Federation President Phil Rumore says the provision was included in the union's contact 30 years ago.