So what exactly is happening on August 1st?

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  1. Like the title says, What should us employees expect come August 1st just so there are no surprises. I'm a part-timer and as far as the raises go, will we see the old contract raises of $0.475 or the new one of $0.70 or none at all? Anything else change as of August 1st?
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    I'm going to get up jump in my pants both legs at once. Watch the pigs fly outside my window. Walk to work uphill of course. The walk back will be uphill also and when I get there the place will be frozen over.

    If this does not happen ill just go to work as usual. Nothing will change.
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    ​None at all until all supplements are settled.
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    Its called Y2K. Expected to happen at the stroke of midnight. Total failure of all computers. Has something to do with a bug. This is what that little devil looks like.

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    Child support check is due!
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    Everyone will be let go on August 1st. I hope you put your resume out there.
  7. Oh I forgot I'm on the "Brown Improv" not the Brown Cafe
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    We will be working under the old contract if not ratified by 8/1/13. Raises will be retro active.
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    You'll have to change your calendar.
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    Filling the sarcastic comments to stupid questions void since 1999.
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    we will lock the gates. a million people will apply as replacement workers . $15 an hour for package and feeder and minimum wage for part timers. no bennies.

    take it or leave it.
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    ...Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats, living together! Mass hysteria!...
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    A lot of nothing will happen. Just like the union kept us with info for the contract
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    The sun will come up. I'll get up around eight or so, make coffee and sit on the deck watching TWC. Around nine, I'll start thinking about all the rest of you guys out on the road (for a minute or two).
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    They won't last. Once they taste and see what it's like to do that daily grind they'll quit!
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    Another one who thinks its about him.
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    Another post with no substance and no facts. Good thing you are not in sales.
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    Maybe you two love bugs can help improve the union instead of helping negativity. Was love bug too harsh of a slam KOC? I know how sensitive you can be.
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    Stink, my issue with you labeling me and others has nothing to do with sensitivity. But has everything to do with not being able to debate someone that throws out labels rather then facts and points of view. You maybe successful at your distraction techniques in the aspect that I will choose to no longer engage with you directly.