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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by hoser, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. hoser

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    browsing the IAMW2323 website to see how my brothers in YYZ are doing, i came across this tale of a rogue union. some of you may have heard about that strike at NWA that the mechanics' union lost in 2006. here's the IAM's take on it AMFA Mistake.pdf buddy worked as a mechanic in MSP and coincidently enough, now with UPS in SDF. you should ask him what he thinks about a rogue UPS union.

    hope all of you guys are doing well.
  2. brett636

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    rogue union? That is so 2007. ;)

    EDIT: I just checked the website of the rogue union you are referring to and it hasn't changed since last fall. My guess is that it will fade into the round file of history given enough time.
  3. hoser

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    yeah go through the AMFA's history and read the releases that they put out. especially from the first month of that strike with NWA where they are so optimistic and that there was no way NWA could replace those mechanics and cleaners, all despite the fact that ALL the unions at NWA were happy to cross the lines. and that agreement they reached in2006 was just depressing... go on layoff with 5 weeks salary or quit and get 10 weeks. just depressing. all that fighting for that.

    i personally am a fan of craft unions, but it's undeniable that strength in numbers is pivotal. that's why UAL went to the IBT a few months ago.