Soberups...your center manager was half-right.

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    In our center, they did indeed start us earlier. But they also cut routes. They actually cut routes they had never cut before. They did not add them as we had hoped. I still do admire your lack of cynicism. Maybe someday that hopefullness will rub off on me. It's a good trait to have in our environment. Cynicism runs rampant in me and today is just one reason.
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  2. menotyou

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    Sober, this is a proud moment. He's learning. I'm so proud.
  3. Monkey Butt

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    Now that's funny ... I don't care who you are.
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    IE's way of looking at it.... cut routes=fewer cars on the road, thus is safer hehe
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    That's logistics
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    just got home, dodged a few kids zigzaggin acroos the street.