Social Media changing the World as we once knew it !

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    Zuckerberg probably never had that in his mind as he created facebook, either did youtube or Twitter developers. To go further back, not even the US intellegent and military researchers that developed the internet.

    The World has changed, and is continuing to change.
    With the latest being the OWS movement, now spreading worldwide, due to a posting on facebook.
    Today you can go on facebook, enter almost every city in the world with the word "Occupy" in front of it, and you'll be able to attend a ralley there today, knowing where and when it starts.

    To get live updates from a specific rally - just do the same on Twitter.
    And if you want to see a video of any specific OWS demo in any city - it's on Youtube !
    What's not on local or gloabl news, it's on Twitter or facebook.
    For example, I have been watching local news for the last few days in a row, to find out if a OWS is going to happen in Edmonton. - Nothing !
    So, I checked facebook, sure enough - starts at 12 noon, and is in the middle of the city downtown !
    The news can no longer hide things from us !

    It's amazing how fast infomation can spread around the world, and thousands of people can gather together within hrs of a public social media statement.

    It also seems more singers are being discovered on Youtube, then doing the hard way and singing in bars or clubs first and working their way slowly upwards.

    Companies on facebook are progressively looking for ordinary people and users of their products for input, just to develope what the consumer wants (great idea, I think).
    Even a number of Supermarkets are asking for recipes to add to their house brand soups, salads and entrees.
    The list goes on.

    I give social media the thumbs up ! I do believe it's good for the public and consumer.
    However, I do have a problem of the addictiveness af this , too.
    Esspecially in teens, that can't live without texting and posting instant pics of what they are doing or where they currently are.
    They go bananas if their phone is lost or broken !

    So, what's your input to this subject ?
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    Then there are these issues :

    Taking away privacy rights to prevent crime and terrorisum - I say sure - go for it !

    Security | 11.10.2011

    Several German states admit to use of controversial spy software

    A number of other German states have followed Bavaria in confirming the use of a controversial software program to spy on people through their computers. The German justice minister has demanded an investigation.
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    Social media is ruining........looking people in the eye when you talk to them.....and various social graces. People are becoming total mutants!