Socorro man arrested in scam

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    Socorro man arrested in scam - El Defensor Chieftain

    An alert United Parcel Service driver made a very special delivery to Socorro Police last week — a suspected middleman in an international scam.

    "The driver would drop off a package at Clifford's address and, within days would pick up hundreds of (UPS shipping) envelopes that the suspect would send out using the alias of Dennis Summer," Lopez said. "The driver got suspicious after two shipments — addressed to Clifford — had identical tracking numbers and after Clifford asked for additional shipping supplies."

    Lopez explained that early evidence indicates that Clifford would receive packages of the fraudulent checks and money orders, and then distribute shipping envelopes containing two money orders, a blank check, shipping documents and instructions for depositing the funds into personal bank accounts. The bulk of the funds, the detective explained, are then sent to fake companies. He said the envelopes were destined for nearly every state in the country.