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    So I just passed 1 year last month. I'm planning to go back to school for the spring semester. I also need to transfer out of my building to one closer to the school.
    So, my questions are as follows:
    1. How long after you start do you get paid time and a half for holidays? I'll check on Thursday, but I'm fairly certain I won't have received it (for Columbus Day). I'm also still only making 11/hr, and not 11.50/hr. My anniversary date, I believe, is Sept 14. That said, I'm all for letting this screw-up continue for a couple months and me getting back-paid in one lump sum :D
    2. How do I apply for tuition reimbursement? I've gone through a couple pages on UPSers and similar pages, including Earn & Learn, but I can't figure out what I need to do.
    3. How do I initiate this transfer? I talked to my HR Rep, and she talked to someone else who called me. Admittedly, though, they called me during work and by the time I remembered to do what they said, I'd mostly forgotten. But I vaguely remembered, and still couldn't find what she was talking about.
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    Columbus Day is not a paid holiday.

    Ask your sup about Earn and Learn.

    With only 1 year in it would be best if you quit and got rehired at the new location.
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    Go back and talk to HR, ask what they have your seniority date as and it should match what you have. While you are there ask about earn & learn ...
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    1) It starts immediately after you hit one year. But as you've been told already, Columbus Day is not a paid holiday. As for your raise, you really shouldn't wait to get pay issues corrected like that. Talk to your supervisor or steward right now.
    2) The reimbursement website is UPS — Education Assistance Program -- If you don't trust that link, you can type "edcor" into the search box on UPSers and in the first article, under "Related Links," and get there too.
    3) There's a form on UPSers. Type in "transfer" in the search box, and the first result should be "Educational Transfer Request for Part Time Union Employees." Click, and download the file, fill it out, and give it to your manager. If I recall correctly, you'll need to include/attach your course schedule.
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    I was paid time and half for Columbus day
  6. Matty_lawn

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    Nevermind. Matty out
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    New England is the exception.
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    Your local is weak then.
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    Well that explains the confusion. I work in Vermont.
    Thank you very much!