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Ok, this morning someone that I work with who is an employee and our union rep for us, came to me and said re-count your days, and you let me know when you hit your 30th day, and i will go directely to your super and say that it he has in 30 days he is in. Did this happen to any of you, or sound right????


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HR knew when I hit 30 days, none of my managers did. it was reflected on m y paycheck following the 30 day mark.. granted I had driven with 4 of the centers' management team during my 30 days. but never a "qualifying ride"


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We have a driver in our building that was given his 30 day recognition over two months ago. He has yet to see it in his check and UPS is now refusing to pay his benefits for insurance.

This was a company outside hire. He did not sign a seasonal waiver, and the center manager announced his seniority on Dec. 15 to app 55 employees at the P.C.M. The HR rep that hired him assured him that he was a permanent employee and that he was not a seasonal hire.

UPS claims he started his 30 days over on Jan.1. He STILL does not have his 30 days in yet according to the company, yet they did not start a new 30 day training pack on him. He did not have the usual training rides or a ride on day 30 the second time around.

The center manager told him that he will not announce that he is a seniority employee at all. Again, no benefits or pay raises have been received.

How can UPS be considered for the "Most Admired" list when they treat their employees like this? He has a family and needs the medical for a infant son.

The other side of the coin is that he has become an ardent supporter of the union throughout this process! :-)
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I'm confused You guys are making this sound like some type of award? The counting of 30 days outside the free period can not be denied? Why anyone would allow or try to allow seniority during peak is beyond me.


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When you get your thirty days in, it doesn't matter what the Manager says, you still have thirty days as long as its not in Peak Season. I had no problem joining the Teamsters, in fact it was encouraged by UPS when I joined in the seventies. It'll come, no big deal.:yawn:


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I do believe it is SIX MONTHS before you are eligable for medical coverage. As far as making seniority, no one should "make book" between october 15 and january 15 (or january 1..unsure), as that is the 'free period.'

Sounds like someone didn't reclassify this guy in the HR system....and that doesn't necessarily mean could be the CTR management team not submitting the proper paperwork to reclassify him from temp to perm.