some help with my ongoing dilema

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well If anyone has seen any of my past post I have taken the supe test and have not only passed it for a part time supe but I have alos qualified to be a full time one as well ( was just informed ) there has been a " freeze" on managment promotions i was told due to economy etc ...whatever so i load 3 trucks and its around 1200 pieces two of my drivers ( dont see the other because he has a late start 0 found out word of my promotion and They were pretty damn mad . I load their cars immacualately and my mislaods is 1 every 5500 now .. so yea its pretty good.. I talk to them for a good 15 mins everyday before they go and am pretty good with them .. well when they found out they seriously offered to match what they would pay me as a p/t supe to stay and load their cars .. they were dead serious the guy who used to load their cars was averaging about 5-7 misloads daily and the packages werent even correctly loaded... so what should i make this out to be .. ? i could easily be moved to another load without me being anything to do about it at any time also...?


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Thats what I am giving you.Everyone is different.Me,I love being a driver.Others love being managers,sups etc.What is your career plan?Are you just passing thru UPS or are you staying for the long hall? If your staying then weigh all the benefits of each position and choose which 1 you think will make you happy.Will it be the right decision.Only time will tell.I can tell you that there is no easy job here.
I sure would not make the decision based on a bribe of side pay from a driver. They could be gone in a day or you could be moved to another spot at a given notice. In this case, a bird in the hand..yada yada yada.

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It sounds like you will be good at whatver you try...That said, before going into part-time mgt, you should informally interview some of the stressed out part-time sups..I'd say 9.9 out of 10 hate thier job....If you want full-time mgt operations, I really believe you should drive for several years not only for experience but for a better insight on the daily insight of a driver...Thier have been many a drivers with mgt intentions who would have been super sups but didn't want that misery once they saw the mgt position from a drivers viewpoint....Yeah, I'm pro-driver because I've been one so long, but I dotake my hat off to the sups who learn how to communicate with drivers and go beyond the operation report..