Some info on waiting time for Benefits?

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    I've searched and read A LOT for two days now, and I get that it depends where I am (Connecticut) that will determine a lot of things. With that said:

    Yesterday I went in for the group tour/interview and I spoke with HR lady for 10 minutes, asked me a few simple questions, and then I asked her what was next. She said I'll be called to get fingerprinted, and then I asked why can't we just do that now. I was the last one of the group, so she agreed and I got fingerprinted.

    Can anyone confirm: Starting wage is $11/hr, and the medical benefits start after 250 hours worked in five months. How does this 250hrs/5mos work? 250hrs is about 4 months, so does this mean on the 5th month, my medical benefits start?

    Thanks for the help.
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    It might depend on what area of the country you're in, but I believe most places you get your benefits 1 year from your hire date.
  3. Lt Sur

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    Connecticut. When I went in, one of the information sheets said exactly that (250 hours, and 5 months)
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    Then those are the minimums, you have to work 250 hrs in 5 months to get benefits.
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    Thanks. So does this mean it's 5 months and not 12 months?
  6. Rack em

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    You wait 12 months to get your benefits and then once you have them you need to work a minimum of 250 hours in 5 months in order to keep them
  7. have you need hired? ask a steward. here it was 30 working days (seniority) to get benefits.
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    What supplement are you under?
  9. Lt Sur

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    Not sure. Not really hired yet, but I'd assume the New England supplement.
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    I believe that you have to be here for a year before getting your benefits and then must work at least 250 hours in 5 months to keep your benefits.

    Once you get your 30 days in you are guaranteed 3.5 hours/day, 17.5 hours per week. You would need to work 5 days per week for 14 weeks to maintain your benefits.
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    I'm in CT. Local 671. New England Supplement. It takes 5 to 6 months to get Health benefits. You start to get bennies when finished paying initiation fee. If you have a honorable withdrawl card and restart, you have to wait the same time to get bennies, if you did not have a Teamsters job in the preceding quarter.

    You have to maintain a certain number of hours worked every quarter to keep the insurance.
    If you run out of sick days and continue to book off and not meet the minimum of hours they will send you a COBRA bill. Unless you look into your FMLA and look into the options that you are eligible for.

    I work in an air hub. We have a different contract. We are credited with 3.5 hours toward health and pension when we punch in as P/T. Sort is done, they send us home. We are paid for time worked only, but credited for 3.5 hours on health and pension.

    Some people on sunrise only work about 6 hours a week but get credited 17.5 hours P/T bennies.
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