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    There have been several discussions about working off the clock. And after a conversation with the shop steward that is our current cochair, he brought up something I had forgotten.

    During the time that our center had issues with off the clock working, it was very hard to get management to stop the practice. We would file, they would pay the driver, we would file again and they kept paying.

    When they implemented the safety committee, it allowed access to both injury and accident information. And in compiling what the company wanted, we also gathered information in other areas.

    It was very interesting to note that the drivers, that were working off the clock, were responsible for

    100% of our roll aways, all 3 of them were drivers that were on the truck an hour before start time.

    that while they comprised less than 30% of the drivers, they accounted for over 60% of our accidents with one being off the clock at the time of the accident

    almost 75% of our injuries, several while off the clock.

    There were also statistically significant attendance issues, customer complaints, and other discipline issues with those that worked off the clock.

    It did change things for a while, and at least until I left, there were no drivers on the car before start time.

    But the data was there.

    All of the drivers in question thought of themselves as some of the best, safest UPS employees, all of which thought they were good at following methods.

    I wonder if the true cost of this practice was studied by UPS, that "free" work that drivers do is not really that free. It is actually at a pretty steep cost.

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    That's very interesting. I'd like to see what the stats are nation/company wide.
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    That would be interesting to know.

    In instances like this always remember that;

    Correlation does not imply causation

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    I often work off the clock and have never been injured nor have I had a sick day in 18 years. :happy-very:
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    I never work off the clock nor donate time... they get my best effort while on the clock and that is all that I'm required to do.
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    All of that so that a driver "can have a good day." LOL! Hope it was worth it.
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    hey tie guy, think of ALL the money u lost. ~```Would u let your kids work for free think about it
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    Hey, gded, think of all the time he's saved with his family by working off the clock. Would you rather work an extra hour or sort your truck for 15min and spend 45min with your kids? Think about it.

    Sorry, I HAD to make one mean post sometime or another :D
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    Are you really supposed to be mixing your medication with alcohol, or are you off the meds again?:surprised:
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    Actually the side effects of mixing my meds with alcohol are thus:

    1. It decreases the effectiveness of the meds but as long as no inlaws hang themselves again I'm good to go!

    2. It gets you drunk waaaaaaaaay more easier (it takes around 14 beer if I'm not on meds and only a 6 pack if I am)
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    Not even a papercut?:wink2:
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    Proud member of the 5000 post club.

    Get ready to change this, Mr 6000!:surprised:
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    Nice catch Steve. I hadn't even noticed. So what is the 6000 post gonna be about? :wink2:
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    Much like the previous 5,999, it will be a post about nothing (yet another Seinfeld reference).
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    you got me there:peaceful:
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    you got a bit to go before you catch up on tieguy but then again, he had a 7 year head start.
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    I think Mike 23 may pass me and catch up to tie by Peak.
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    Maybe he will start a thread about it.
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    Haha.. if you think about it to work off the clock you've gotta come in early anyway which is still time lost that could have been spent at home and with family.
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    I looked and said to myself "300 posts , that is nothing compared to 6,000". Then I saw his join date , june 2009, ha ha.