Something positive and good, UPS Driver saves a life

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    UPS Driver Eric Mendez

    Eric Mendez, a UPS delivery driver, may have simply been in the right place at the right time
    when he happened upon a drowning baby Wednesday evening.

    It was his quick reaction to the situation, however, that made him a hero that day.

    At about 7 in the evening, a two-year-old fell into the pool at the Kingston Port Apartments.
    Eric was delivering packages just a few feet away. He heard the child’s screams and decided
    to investigate. There, he found the lifeless toddler and performed CPR, saving his life.

    Eric says his mind was also on his daughter as he tried to fill the little boy’s lungs with air.

    After about a minute of CPR, the little boy started to breathe again. Paramedics then arrived
    and transported him to Driscoll hospital.

    First responders on the scene are calling Eric a hero; they believe that his actions meant t
    he difference between life and death for the little boy, who is reportedly in stable condition.

    UPS Delivery Man Saves Baby’s Life While on Duty : Growing Your Baby
  2. Richard Harrow

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    Great save, Eric!
  3. texan

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    A life.
    Someone who might make a difference.
    Someone who will have children, and saved from an early death.
    One never knows.....
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    .........but was he on "meal"?
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    In case you were thinking that BC posters can't take a positive and turn it into a negative.

    TP accepted your challenge.
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    ......just a little ironic humor there hoax.

    have a couple of will be ok.
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    I'm cool but I was waiting to pounce and btw it was good humor ... like something I would say. :wink2:
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    I had a feeling that the 19:00 or 07:00 PM of the report would generate a comment or two or three.
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    trickpony1 is right. We had a feeder driver who came upon a woman in a car on fire. She was somehow locked in the car. The driver pulled over and smashed her window to unlock the door. When he did, he cut up his arm pretty bad. He did get the woman out of the car safely, but as a result, he was off work for quite a while. But, as you might expect, management denied his work comp claim, saying it wasn't related to work. Eventually, of course, he got UPS to settle his claim. So, never underestimate our lovely company when it doesn't have something to do with boxes.
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    Social media works both ways also. If something like this caught on like fire in the social media arena UPS would be slobbing this drivers nob to take money.
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    Did he get his air back on time?