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    Hey everyone, I've been working at UPS for only about a month as a loader in the air belt at our hub.

    The other loaders have been telling me to learn the air sort to get that dollar raise. The supervisors said I need to memorize the Next Day Air and 2 Day Air packets, and when I pass the test, I get the raise.

    So my question is, how did all you sorters memorize all those zips? I've read about flash cards, but how exactly did you make your flash cards?

    Any tips or suggestions would be great! Thanks!
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    I've sorted in two Ground hubs. I ended up doing something similar to color association. For example, Texas went brown. Since its so d*mn hot and the grass turns brown, I thought of it that way. That was in my original hub. The hub I'm in now isn't as great. One nice thing they did was keep the Southern States together--Louisiana, Alabama, etc. They go black. I had a co-worker taking the test ask me where a given state went--I think it was South Carolina. I told her, "Think Civil War and Confederate States. You almost can't go wrong." She passed that part of the test the next day. -Rocky
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    Good advice, Rocky. You're such a peach. :thumbup1:
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    My advice on sorting....I sorted ground in the early 90's. Second best job I had at UPS (OCA Driver was the best). Once you get the zips down it is like second nature. The sorters were all able to talk and sort at the same time. It's like reading the zips and talking worked on 2 different halves of the brain. Doing both at once was a breeze. I loved coming in to sort just so I could 'F' around with my friends for a few hours.

    Easiest way I learned was flash cards. Zip range on one side, belt on the other. Took almost a week of real studing to get it down.

    The money was nothing but is sure as hell beat metro unload I was at for almost two years.