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    I am from a small center that has two sorts: Preload and Local. I was was wondering if there is such a thing as sort seniority? I was hired in '08 for local sort. Another employee, who has two months more on their hire date, was hired for preload. Recently, they have been moved to Local Sort. Though they have more building seniority, do they also get first pick on more local sort hours even though I have been on that sort for a longer period of time? Thanks for your imput.
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    Your center should have a seniority list posted, most likely on the same bulletin board with the union information. Ours is also a small center with two seniority lists--one for PTers and one for FTers.

    To answer your question--there is no such thing as sort seniority.
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    To answer your question, YES they have first dibs on those hours. There is seniority to a point on each preload and reload. Your center could post

    classification bid sheets each 6 months. Top 10% seniority of each classification should be placed in their preferred job. Very tough these days to make
    sure this is managed though.
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