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  1. Hey guys, been lurking on the site for a while and I finally decided to make an account. I've been working at the Tinton Falls hub for about a month now. I started as an unloader and moved my way up to a sorter after my third week of working. My immediate supervisor's boss said that instead of taking the sort test, he would have me do a 3-4 week trial to see how I would do and then he'd just talk to HR to give me the dollar raise. Now, he's saying that his boss wants us to take the sort test instead of me doing the trial, but he's jerking me around about when I can take it. I asked him today when I can take it and he said, "when I feel like having you take it". I've been in a situation like this before when I got promoted to be a supervisor at a past job and they wouldn't give me the raise I was promised. I'm about to tell my immediate supervisor to put me back into unloading if they're gonna make me sort, but not give me the pay. I just want some suggestions because its pretty frustrating, but I don't want to approach the situation in a bad way.
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    If you have only been there a month, you are still in probation.
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    Still in probation, work as directed. Take the abuse. Once seniority is gained, then push buttons.
  4. Thanks for the response, guys. Has anybody ever been refused the dollar sorter raise before?
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    If you just say "no thank you, I'm not interested", you'll be on the sort aisle in a hot second. Funny how it works.

    Most operations are in desperate need of sorters.

    The supervisors response was bottled arrogance, I wouldn't let it get to you.
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    Sorting is a more desirable job than unloading. Easier on the body. Sort if you're given the opportunity and don't worry about the extra money or sort test right now.
  7. I don't mean refusing the dollar raise, but being refused the raise by the supervisor so they can have a sorter for the price of a loader/unloader haha I learned the entire sort chart before the end of the first week. They made a big change to the chart for this week (being my second week on the sort isle) and I memorized everything the first day. Its to the point that people that have been working there longer than me ask me which belt certain zip codes go. The supervisors know that I can handle everything, I just don't understand why they'd dick me around like this
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    Does not matter. You cannot get a raise until you are no longer on probation.
  9. Oh alright, I didn't realize that that's how it worked. Thanks man
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    In my building I had the dollar raise from day one. Most likely your not being coded in the system as being on the sort aisle. Your sup might be coding you as if you were working the unload and saving him the hours.
  11. This. Every time I punch in, it says that I'm an unloader
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    i would wait to pass probation before pushing your weight around. once you pass probation talk to a show steward about it
    if they still refuse to give you test. my hub doesnt do test anymore so any "new" sorters get the dollar raise only on days they sort.
    i had one guy today tell me they never even paid him for past days hes been sorting and hes been doing it on and off for the past year
    until he mentioned it today they are finally gonna keep track of days he sorts.
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    Is the raise only on days you sort right? When I started 5 years ago I got my dollar within 90 days and sorted from time to time but always had the same pay. Maybe this is determined by your local?

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    That was under the old contract...there's no longer a dollar raise after 90 days. I heard the new hires only get 2 sick days a year now too.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Once you get the raise your pay remains the same whether you sort or not.
  16. ChickenLegs

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    OP does not need to pass probation in order to collect the raise. He's being coded wrong - asking for your extra dollar will not push any buttons.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Would it be too much to ask for back pay?
  18. ChickenLegs

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    No, but that kind of situation requires approval and admitting mistakes, so.....
  19. Would it be wrong for me to ask my immediate supervisor's boss's boss to take the test? I know it would be overstepping, but my immediate supervisor's boss isn't giving me any definite answers and I'm hoping that he isn't trying to push it until I forget to keep asking
  20. bleedinbrown58

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    You haven't book yet. Keep your mouth shut and do your job. And when you punch in and out on does it say our job title...unloader, sorter, etc?