Sorter going PT driver.

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  1. pickyourking

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    so, they took my ID and made a copy, awaiting word to hear if I qualify or not (which I do,I presume, as I've never had any accidents or tickets other than parking) They said they'd road test me and if I passed that they would send me to school. No one on the forums is really clear about what the road test entails, also, why road test before the school? Pretty excited about this whole thing, I just need some updated, current info if you wouldn't mind. I've only been at UPS for 2 months but I've already bid on FT and this will be the beginning of the journey. Thanks.
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    Road test is to see if u can safely operate a manual package car. If u can shift and don't hit anything you are good. And its before driving school because if you don't pass the road test you won't be going to driving school.
  3. RonBurgandy??????????

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    Back in early 90's when I took it , I almost crashed into a car because I didn't know how to use mirrors yet and I grinded every gear , and never used parking break and still passed. Heard it is different these days.
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    Not sure because I haven't done it but congrats on the early move up
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    If you can drive should be okay...just don't hit anything.
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    Yeah I'm coming up for it soon. I spent an afternoon teaching someone how to drive stick for his test and he passed it like a champ.
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    Do you mean a PT Air Driver job?
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    It sounds more like they're going to use me for whatever they need. But yeah, I do believe air. They said PM and AM air I believe, so I guess they';ll just fit me in wherever, which is fine with me. As when it comes time to go FT, I'll have a pretty good idea.
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    they're going to make you drive around the block a couple times just to see if you can shift gears correctly without missing, turns, maybe backing a couple times. Know your 5 and 10 and apply them, they'll do the same thing in driving class but you need to ace the ones in the class
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    Keep the truck in between the lane lines and don't run over the curb with the rear tires on turns. Constantly checking your mirrors.should help with this. Also, the turn signals probably are not self canceling, you have to turn them off.