Sorting out the ladder(management)

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  1. Mr.Grey

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    ok a simple question .

    If my ft sups and center manager sighned off on my pt promotion and the dm was ok with it ( he knows of me ) the who has the power above him(DM) to put a stop order on it . this is recession/op cuts not a performance issue.

    i just wanted to know what my next target is . when you start getting that high up it takes a bigger boot for the @## to get something done .:wink2:
  2. Monkey Butt

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    That would be the District manager.
  3. tieguy

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    promotions are being held up all the way up in corporate human resources.
  4. Mr.Grey

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    Hoxster take the time to read . the Dm or district manager is fine with it and signed off on it , not that he even had to. the stop was a suprise to the center manager and dm.

    Thakyou Tieguy i know all levels are affected right now but it is difficult to get real info whithout looking like i am only after self interest .

    yes i want the position that has been signed off on for me . i want to learn the men and women i will be working with before peak and winter weather set in and we will need to rely on each other for our safty, and and getting the job done.

    i want a person who clears our 10 year FAA background check and works their @## of durring peak to be more than a seaonal throw away, and to replace me . if they can handle that then thay have my vote.

    also i unstand the air mecs strike and support them, but i am caught in another Grey area .i show no favortism to management or union since i am part of both and each are on equal footing and friends.

    Support the strike and don't work... piss of management and kill an already streesed system that we are all fixing to protect our jobs. the union has povided the perks that make the work worth it i know this.


    Ignore the strike . work with the company . get promoted and have good people that are friends work aginst me because they are more pro-union , and for no other reason than that.

    I am sick of the politcs .. move the box from point A to point B . i argue this all the time to cut the Sh*#t to coworkers and management when they over think.

    sorry just ranting i guess . i am sure i will piss plenty of more people off by doing what has to be done , seems to be the way my life goes and for some reason i still have friends on both sides.
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    easy there mr Grey. Had you taken the time to read as many posts on this site as Hoax and others, including myself have, you would have realized that often times people posting here use the abbreviation dm for Division Manager. In reading your original post, you mentioned the center manager, then next the dm. You did not specify you meant District Manager, and the next level up from the Center manager is the Division Manager. Hoax made the logical conclusion that that is who you were refering to and tried to answer your question about the next level up. So you slammed him for it.

  6. lmd557

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    good luck mr. grey........u r not the only one that is caught in the mess with our company. know ur chain of command. use the policy book as well. if u dont get answers, use ur shop stewart as well. keep copies of ur promotion packet too. cuz HR will tell you its company property.
  7. FracusBrown

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    I kant c y the @## above Dm choosed knot 2 sigh off on it.
  8. grgrcr88

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    I think the op didn't know the difference between district and division manager!!
  9. tieguy

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    many here don't. another poster on another thread has a district manager doing a follow ride.:happy-very:
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Now I'm confused.

    I thought it went, in ascending order, on-car, center, district, division, regional.

    If that is right, it would make more sense for a district manager to do a follow ride than a division manager. Wouldn't it?
  11. beentheredonethat

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    In the operations realm, this is the structure for pkg (in regards to managing FT drivers).
    1. FT On Road Supervisor
    2. Center Manager
    3. Division Manager
    4. Dist Operations Manager - (PKG) -
    5. District Manager
    6. Region Manager

    (Note, there's a region Operations Manager that works for the region manager the Dist Operations Mgr has a dotted line to him\her.)