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  1. UnderPaidSlave93

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    I'm a new hire that just recently gained seniority. I've grown tired of loading packages, but I just don't want to quit like most new hires do though. I was wondering how difficult the sorting test is. I'm generally pretty book smart and good with memorizing numbers. Any tips and advice would be much appreciated.
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    You definitely have to study. A lot of memorization involved. Try word association when memorizing what goes to what belt. Some belts only take certain zips. I was a Sorter in the Phoenix Hub.
  3. UnderPaidSlave93

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    I'm in the Raleigh, NC hub, so the hub is probably not nearly as big as Phoenix but I'm sure there is still a lot of memorization. If I were to ace this test with flying colors, would they immediately make me a sorter or will I only be up for consideration to be a sorter?
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    Here in Orlando probably 60% of the sort is huge blocks of zipcodes, like 333 or 339 kinda thing. When you pass the test you're not guaranteed a position on the sort. Talk to the FT sup for the inbound or sort and let them know you're really interested. You may have to go by bid sheet but for local sorts the stuff inside the building those are ignored a lot if the demand is there. If they have plenty of sorters you're going to be sol unless they go by bid sheets and then you'll still have to wait until there's an opening. If you want out of the load badly though bug the ft sup and the pt sups for the sort isles. Might not happen but it's better than just taking the test and hoping you get there.
  5. Boulevard859710

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    You would be a sorter and get the pay raise for passing the test but like everything else there's seniority involved. So they would send you to load or unload if there was no work for you.
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    Memorization memorization memorization, PPH. PPH. PPH
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    Also depends on your hub, I simply learned the sort and occaisionally filled for one of the normal sorters until eventually I took over their spot. Never had a test, started receiving pay a few days a week for when I was doing it, now I get sort pay no matter what I do (Though it is VERY rare that I do anything besides sort, but even that 1 day every other month, I still get my pay, only stating its relevance because I never took a test, just learned and took over).
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    dbl post, thread wouldnt update
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    You definitely have to study for it, but don't be afraid to fail the test. Chances are it will be the exact same test the next time you take it, and you'll be way more prepared after seeing it once.

    The test I took was 50 questions, and I got 10 minutes to complete it. You can't miss more than two.

    Good luck. I remember once I started sorting, I would dream about it every night and it felt like I never got any rest. I would just see zip codes all day, everyday. My brain was always hard at work.
    But after a while it switches from the "still learning", all thoughts-consuming part of the brain, to pure memory and you can go back to singing the Eagles to yourself while you coast through the rest of your shift.
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    Double post
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    "Grown tired of loading packages" :rofl:

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  12. You applied at the wrong company if you don't wanna load packages all day.
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  13. By The Book

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    We're not united panzy service that's for sure.
  14. UnderPaidSlave93

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  15. UnderPaidSlave93

    UnderPaidSlave93 New Member

    They construct this position to make it as unlikable as possible in order to test you mentally. They want see if you'll just quit or if you'll instead try to move up. That's why they promote from within almost exclusively. They want mentally tough, ambitious people. If you actually enjoy loading and want to stay in the same position, then you have one weird hobby or you're the least ambitious person in the world.
  16. Wally

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  17. Indecisi0n

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    Mix up all your different size and color socks and see how long it takes you to match and fold them.
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  18. Gumby

    Gumby *

    I made flash cards. That's how I learned the sort.
  19. Northbaypkg

    Northbaypkg 20 NDA stops daily

    I took the same route, except I didn't get tired of loading, the coordinator on my wall asked me if I'd like to learn the sort aisle. Just get the paper list of where each zip code/state/city goes and study it. If you're like me and don't mind taking the practice test on the computer after/before work you can learn it even faster. It's definitely worth it. I loaded for a year and a half and then spent 14 years in the sort aisle before finally becoming a driver and I loved ever year of sorting. It's a much easier job than loading or unloading, that's for sure. If there's an available spot in the sort aisle I say go for it. If not, still learn it and wait for a position to open up. Be sure to let the coordinator for the sort aisle know that you've learned the sort and are interested in working there. Let the other guys mentioned before me though, when you're low seniority you'll be bounced between the unload and the sort aisle quite regularly. Unloading sucks, but you just gotta deal with it until you have enough seniority to stay in the sort aisle.
  20. sly

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    I've been thinking about moving to sorting too. How do I get a copy of the sort study guide. Ask my Sup?