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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by pale, Dec 22, 2019.

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    Covered under the Southern Supplement, based in Florida if that makes a difference.

    Our hub sends out a mass group text for preload start time, rather than a posted schedule, and commonly it comes around 4-5pm the day before. So say, get a text on Tuesday at 5 to come in Wednesday at 330am.

    Today, got a text at 2:30pm for a preload start time at 1am tomorrow (Monday)

    I've dug through the Master and the SOU supplement several times in the past (coming up on my 3rd year as preload) and can only find information relating to full timers.

    My question is, can anyone let me know where I happen to be overlooking a formal format for how preload should recieve their start time, or the issue with being given 9ish hours notice for our start time tomorrow?
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    It's peak. Deal with it.
  3. pale

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    Trust me, dealt with alot worse in even worse conditions. But when our supervisor has a habit of not sending out start times in a timely manner and flip flopping the report time 2-3 hours earlier than told, it gets to be a bit of an issue.
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    I agree with you if it is a regular occurrence outside of peak season.

    Pick the time to fight your battles.
  5. Rack em

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    Start asking for a SCHEDULED start time. None of this bs where they text you.
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  6. pale

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    Yeah, peaks somewhat understandable. I've just been documenting it recently to bring it up in the future and would like to know where I can find the official language, because as I said before I can't find anything in my hard copies or searching in the PDF copies.

    Mostly stocking everything up because no matter how punctual you are there's gonna be a day you come in late. Couple dozen instances of large changes with less than 6 hours notice, and no posted schedule might at least help with a defense when the sup hands out a write-up for it
  7. cosmo1

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    Why dont you call the local business agent that covers your building and ask them?
    Did you ask any stewards?
    I dont understand why you are coming here to get an answer for a problem that your local can fix.
  10. barnyard

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    This right here is the thing to do.
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