Spam Mail Run Delivers Malware While Masquerading as UPS

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    Spam Mail Run Delivers Malware While Masquerading as UPS - Spamfighter

    Two security firms namely Malwarebytes and Cisco warn that UPS (United Parcel Service)-related unsolicited electronic mails are presently hitting inboxes. These spam mails spoofing the globally famous package handing over company i.e. UPS actually represent one malware dissemination scam, published dated April 11, 2014.

    Showing a header "UPS Exception Notification, Tracking Number 1Z522A9A6892487822," the fake e-mails inform the recipient that because the shipper wanted, it was decided that the said merchandize would be delivered at some newly scheduled time.
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    I haven't got any of these emails, but I've seen plenty, and haven't seen any with a tracking number. Usually has an attachment that contains a virus.

    On a related note, I haven't heard the UPS uniforms on ebay hoax lately. It was shortly after the rumor came up one time and a gas station would only want the manager to sign, for security reasons, even though I had delivered there a couple years. During that same time, had a fire station say they got a email that said they were to take me out, because I had a UPS uniform on.
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    Just another reminder to NEVER open attachments from emails. If you get a message like that open a browser window to go to site directly to check instead of clicking on any email links.
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    OS-X ftw!!