Special treatment to shop stewart.

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  1. superupsman

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    I noticed in our bldg. that management gave our shop stewards a special treatment like going out with less stops, asking for a day off any day and etc... Is your bldg. have the same treatment with our building.
  2. brownmonster

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    No drivers named Stewart in our building.
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    Seems appropriate
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  6. rod

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    before you get beat up beyond recognition- it is steward not stewart:peaceful:
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    no i am a steward and i get no special treatment. my center manager does not like me and follows. call your union hall and let them know.
  8. cachsux

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    Your stewards should be allowed the same benefits as any driver with their seniority would receive. Beyond that they should be treated as any other driver.
  9. UnsurePost

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    Should..rarely happens, though.
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    Yes, our building is the same. Is it because of special treatment? No. Its because they're not on the belt looking at their load until start time. They take their lunch and breaks near noon each day whether its peak or summer. They don't even upload the EDD until start time. They attend every PCM. Their pick up compliance is 100% every day regardless how many miles out of the way it is. They walk off every stop.

    Yes, they go out with less stops. Yes, management is happy to give them off whenever they want. When they take a day off management can add 20-30 more stops.
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    But then who would management apply Double Standards to?

    Oh yeah, they still have the butt kissers. :wink2:

    Too late ... I like the responses - LOL.
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    Like a Wine Steward in a fancy restaurant.

    Unless he's a chronic complainer. Then he's a Whine Steward. :wink2:
  13. soberups

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    He gets special treatment because hes good enough, hes smart enough, and doggone it...people like him.
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    Another kind of Stuart.
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    Damn it Sober, you beat me to it.
    Great minds...
    I'm going to rush Stuart over to the gay thread.
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    Good thread! We should sticky the responses as it seems to be a common error.
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    There should be a good working relationship. That is necessary to produce favorable outcomes in the office, but no special treatment. That's the way it is for me
  19. soberups

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    A shop steward who exploits his position in order to recieve any sort of preferential treatment from management needs to get his ass kicked in the parking lot after work. Then he needs to be brought up on charges before the local and relieved of his duties as a steward.

    I'm a steward. I neither ask nor expect to be treated differently from any other employee.

    You could make the argument that many stewards are in fact treated differently simply by virtue of the fact that they are often more willing to file grievances and stand up for themselves than other employees.

    The hyena treats the big strong bull with horns differently than the smaller and weaker specimens.
  20. grgrcr88

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    True Sober, I am a steward as well. When you first start you get treated just the oposite, followed all the time, harassed more than anyone. As if the company wants to show you they still have the power(and they do don't get me wrong, when all is said and done they are still the boss). However after a while of not backing down, kicking there asses on grievances and not giving them any thing to get you on, they earn a bit of respect for you and generally will treat you as such, that is if you treat them with respect. Don't think that makes me a pushover though, I have raised my voice more than once, and have been in many heeted arguments with both, center manager, DM and LM.

    No Steward should be given preferential treetment though, no matter what the case!!