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Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by tyr5403, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. tyr5403

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    question, been with the company since 2004, been a flow control specialist in Columbus oh since early 2008, within the next year plan to make headway into a feeder dispatch supervisor, my question is, will my length of service as a ft specialist affect my salary offer? Also do FT sups still receive a half month check in addition to MIP?
  2. Monkey Butt

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    Unless you make more than the entry level pay of a F/T Sup then it should have no effect.
    If you are promoted, they will most likely still give you a $150/month raise even if you already make more than the starting salary of a F/T Sup.

    No 1/2 month anymore.
    That was rolled into the base monthly salary which was then lowered for most UPS Management other than Operations management.
  3. ajblakejr

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    OT goes away.
  4. tyr5403

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    I make 50700 right now although I'm not sure what entry level for f/t is, did you mean 1500 a month? 150 a month seems cheap even for ups lol
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    He said $150/month raise over what you are currently making.
  6. Monkey Butt

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    You appear to be doing a good job and have received raises that have put you above or right at entry level for non-ops entry level sup.
    For an operations level sup, you are probably below the entry level.
    Most current F/T employees will get a $150 - $300 bump max if promoted unless you are a driver.
    Most drivers, as I did, actually take a cut in pay when going into management (this is before MIP which is a bit of a crap shoot these days).
    Raises in your first 5 years of management will be better as you work up towards the mid-point of your pay bracket.
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    Hello, I have also been with UPS since 2004 and been a part time supervisor since 2006. I am currently working in dispatch and will be starting as a full time dispatch
    specialist in January. I see that you are making 50700 after 4 years as a specialist andI am curious as to what your starting salary was as a specialist.
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    Kind of off topic but what does a flow control specialist or dispatch specilist do? Currently I am stick in the corporate office working as a specialist and am really looking to get out of corporate. Trying to figure out my options without taking a paycut while still getting out of that awful building in Sandy Springs
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    you will end up in a more awful building somewhere else
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    if your young and plan on staying and can handle lots of pressure, lots of paperwork, lots of holding people accountable for 3 to 5k a year more with the potential to move up, then go for it. If your happy now and enjoy your job to some people its not worth it. The mip is a joke these days. they just cheated us out of 1 years mip over the last 2 calendar years. They make up the percentages (Used to be based on profit) they take half and put it into a RSU account and if you leave your don't get it. Then after taxes you end up with a few thousand each year.

    Being a sup means they can move you around at their discretion. make your decision knowing as much info as you can.
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    Almost every Manager and Director I know that got moved out to the districts and regions wants to get moved back to that "awful building in Sandy Springs". I think that tells you a lot about what it is like working anywhere else compared to the corporate office.