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    I'm a preloader (part time). We were told today that due to a forecasted volume spike on Monday, we will be working 8 hours instead of 5. However, we will be receiving straight time for the extra 3 hours because they are calling it a "split shift". Not sure what they mean by this. Are they considering the first 3 hours to be Sunday's shift and the remainder to be Monday's? Not sure how they could justify that given our start time is 1AM Monday morning. Is this within the contract, or do I need to grieve it?
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    Do not work the other shift. There should be language in the contract stating that when you punch out of your first shift, you are relieved from duty. I'm sure someone can clarify this and copy/paste the contract language.
    Yes, if you "double shift", you are not entitled to OT after 5 hours unless it is 5 hours on the second shift.
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    What? After a part timer has worked for 5 hours he/she will be paid over time pay. Artcile 22 speaks on this here in 705. SP I guess its possible for other areas to allow it, I dont see why, but its possible.
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    He did say that it was optional.
    If that's true, then why do they pay overtime all through peak, rather than just having us punch out and punch back in again? My understanding on double shifting was that it was for FT employees who, in lieu of being laid off, bumped 2 PT employees, not as a way to get PT employees over 5 hours without paying OT.
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    Is losing $15 or so of OT worth losing the $30 or so of the 3 hours extra work? So you make $30 (or so) instead of $45? I would think $30 is better than $0.