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    As we all know, Express management told a whopper a while back when they "explained" to us why the shift premiums were disappearing. "Too difficult to administer", "Legal issues in California", (a perennial favorite), and other BS excuses were given when they knew full well that the October Surprise would create a new, much higher level of splits required. The way this company lies is truly amazing, and the fact that anyone believes a word they say is equally amazing.

    When I come to work at a job...any job, it is with the expectation that I will work a specified shift, and occasionally beyond that shift if necessary, and then go home. If it's busy, I do the best I can to get the work done, and if it isn't busy, that isn't my problem...it's theirs. I didn't create the shift...they did.

    Fred Smith wants total flexibility in his workforce, but he doesn't want to pay for it. So when Apple releases a new product, we're supposed to do whatever the company needs, whenever they need it. We'll be swamped, and "mandatory" splits will be suspended so we can make service. After the Apple surge, it will be "business as usual" and the splits will be reinstated. Ridiculous. It isn't our problem that this is the nature of the Express business model, but according to Fred...it is.

    Fred's way...all the time. Anyone see a pattern here that needs to be disrupted?
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    If a pizza joint hires me to make pizzas for X amt. an hr. then I'm gonna make all the pizzas needed during that time (to the best of my ability).
    If it's a slow night and not a lotta pizzas get ordered, that doesn't mean I should make any less money.
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    Exactly. Fred expects that you should sit there and do nothing (off the clock) until the next pizza order comes in. What a joke.
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    I spent 6 years of my FedEx career on a split. It might be good for some people, but it was the worst hell I've ever endured. I don't mind having my hours cut. I'm not prideful. I'll get another job if I have to. But when you're a split, you're anchored to FedEx for 13 hours a day, even though you're only getting paid for 8 (if you're lucky). There's no time to supplement your income elsewhere. Or when you make plans on your split for MD appointments, on lunch dates, or a few productive hours at the gym, management forces you to take P2 off some schlub or shuttle out late freight so they can cover their ass. It's like being on call.

    If splits are coming back in the amount MFE and others are guessing, I'm out. Fred will get his wish for headcount reduction thru attrition.
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    LOL. Its more like, go home, sit there for 4 hours, comeback and work another 2.5 hrs. Go home, repeat process. I've always wondered, what happens if someone goes home for 5 hrs and in that time gets sick. Will they get paid for the entire day or not?? Just curious..