Spousal Pension Reduction for Part-time Pension?

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    Under the new TA, the 35 year PT pension will be raised to $2100/month.... a very generous increase to say the least.

    Question: Does anyone happen to know what amount the spousal reduction is if this option is chosen for the pension distribution?


  2. saintrick

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    It would depend on which option you choose 50% 75% or 100% and the age of the spouse in relation to the employee.

    The info I have is older, dated 1997, but is probably close to what it is today.

    For the 50 percent option
    age of spouse /percent payable to employee

    20 years younger / 80.0
    15 years younger / 82.4
    10 years younger / 84.0
    5 years younger / 86.00
    same age / 88.00
    5 years older /90.00
    10 years older / 92.00

    Your surviving spouse receives 50 percent of your reduced benefit.
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    Thank you saintrick......looks like I can save $8.00 per month by trading in my wife for one that is 20 years younger... The only problem I will have with that is that I may need to get a Viagra prescription to keep up with her. At only 80% coverage for the Viagra...if it is covered at all.....I may actually lose money on the deal.... calculating in the alimony, etc......on second thought...I'll just keep my wife as is which happens to be the same age....
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    That would be 8% not $8.00.