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  1. DS

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    I call this guy the Nelson bird...there seems to be an abundance this year,
    the black capped chickadee
  2. curiousbrain

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    Someone clearly listens to a Bird Note Moment on NPR.

    I hear that Chickadee constantly ... in fact, they like to hang around outside my window(s) and whenever I sleep with my windows open (read: all summer), they wake me up.

    edit: On weekends obviously; because I'm up and out anywhere from 1AM to 3AM.
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  3. menotyou

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    I love woodpeckers. Where I live, there is a huge sanctuary. I live right by it, so they fly in the eat the suet cakes I put out for them. Some are so big.
  4. dilligaf

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    I'm LMAO. I turned my computer up so I could listen to the bird call and my cats freaked. They were like, WTH. To funny! :happy-very:
  5. dilligaf

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    LOL I see Dizzee's been busy. Good job Diz!:happy2:
  6. fethrs

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    Dilli, I did the same thing with 3 of mine... they are trippin'!
  7. dillweed

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    All right, more bird lovers! We get downy woodpeckers and flickers at the suet feeder. I often put stale cookies, cake and other sweet leftovers in there, as they love any goodies with lard or shortening. Used to be a bakery outlet here where they'd sell stale donuts and sweetrolls for a dollar a bag. Birds loved them but the store went out of business. I have baked up cheap cake mixes for them at times.

    At the feeders we also get chickadees, grossbeaks, cardinals, redwing blackbirds, jays and sometimes an indigo bunting. Darned sparrows and grackles like the feeders too. Finch food is expensive but it's our entertainment so we put it out and they come! Hummingbird feeders are filled and ready but no birds yet. If they arrive before the feeders are out they hover at the window seeming to want their food.

    We have an old, unused brick chimney here in an outbuilding. Chimney swifts use it all summer. It is awesome to watch them come back to roost for the night. Seems there are hundreds of them swirling about the chimney and dropping in, as if in some order. They are so cool when we mow the field as they swoop to grab the insects we scare up.

    We have several bluebird houses with eggs in one, a nest in the other and disaster in another. Great nest but found an adult male dead in it. No idea what happened but I removed him and the nest to see if another pair will take it over.

    I don't know the bird calls and wish I did. My MIL can't see but knows exactly what birds are around by the sound. Isn't it the sweetest sound to hear all those birds singing to their mates and with just glee of being alive!
  8. fethrs

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    Dill, break out the camera and take some pics.
    I would love to see some of the birds
  9. DS

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    dill click on the link I provided and you'll find all their songs there.
    My cats are hip to the site now and just look at me as if to say,you a'int
    foolin' nobody .....:)
  10. DS

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  11. dilligaf

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    I wish I could but my good camera was stolen. When I replace it I want to get a one that I can change lens on and take some close ups.

    Dill, We have most of the birds you have to. I love watching them and trying to identify them. Grackles are so noisy. Had a Western Bluejay on the porch railing (at the old house) scolding the cats. Funniest thing I've seen. I love Flickers. I can identify them by their flight pattern. We have tons of Gambel's Quail. I have a good friend (Fedex ground driver) that is a 'birder'. Him and his wife go out nearly every weekend taking pics.