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  1. Bimster

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    Has any other center had there managers spying on them reciently? In the past 6 mo - 1 yr our managers have been out in full force (just like the days of past) spying on use trying to catch us doing something wrong.
    I was making my last pickup on friday, got in my truck , drove around the building and my manager was coming down the road into the lot. I thought he needed something, but when i drove up to his vehicle and raised my arms like what do ya want, he acted like he was talking on his cell phone and wouldnt roll his window down. They actually get paid for this stuff.
    I cant wait for the day they follow me and i call 911 and i tell the police that i have a terrorist following me and i need as many cars as you got !!!!! :devil::devil::devil:
  2. DS

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    Its normal
  3. maybrown

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    I don't have this situation but the safety guy at my center followed my truck twice already. He observed how I get out of the truck, how I park. etc...I don't know this is legal pratice but I am sure we don't have UPS police like Post Office.
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    And I'm sure the police are going to love that. Don't do it. you will probably be arrested for wasting their resources.

    Are you saying you are going to call the police and tell them a terrorist is following you when you know your supervisor's car and know its him that is tailing you????

    Why would you do that?
  5. Aaron Y

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    I was followed by sup a few weeks ago; he did a real good job of spying. I didn't see him until he pulled right up behind me. He said I have been following you for the last 20 minutes...my heart beat rapidly. He held out his clipboard with all these observations checks on it and said nice job!!!! Only thing he stressed was to use the handrail getting in and out. He could have wrote me up for it I knew in the back of my head. So you never know when the are out there, just try to follow methods. Your family depends on it!!
  6. tieguy

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    Sigh ...its normal.

    Management has the rght to observe you.

    You could get locked up for calling in a bogus report.
  7. Bimster

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    I didnt mean to make myself sound so evil, it was just wishful thinking.:thumbup1:
  8. Great Gazoo

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    ALWAYS assume you are being watched! It could be by management or by Liberty Mutual doing safety observations. There could also be some weasely little snake of a supervisor on his vacation in your area. They will report you to the local management for the smallest violation faster than you can say "scab".
  9. govols019

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    Just act like a sup is on the truck with you at all times.
  10. Coldworld

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  11. Brownnblue

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    Just do your job and you have nothing to worry about. You might even get a complement like Aaron Y. No respect, no dignity, but perhaps a complement.
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    In the 80's, it was called a backtrack audit. Sup's carried a book like a cop giving you a traffic ticket. Sometimes it was positive, they observed you on your route. They would approach you on route and give you the yellow copy of their observations. It was a check list of proper delivery methods. Then, they would take the last two pages(when we were on paper) of your delivery records and backtrack and interview the customers to see if the delivery was done correctly. UPS has the right and the duty to quality control.
    If you want to be paranoid about it, just look around. You are filmed on the highway, shopping malls,ATM machines,and at most businesse's. Your phone calls are being recorded and analyzed by NSA.
    So what.
    Just do your job to the best of your abilities and obey the guideline rules of the company.
  13. JonFrum

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    No they're not.
  14. DorkHead

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    Ah, the 80`s. I remember those audits oh so well. At least 4 gustopo agents surrounded you at a DR stop and go over your truck and records with a fine tooth comb. Funny how after the audit, people would come up to me and ask "what was that all about?"
  15. JustTired

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    Back when we were on paper and I use to run like a madman, we would have those DR audits. Once I got my truck sorted stop for stop, I would sheet a whole page full of deliveries and run the heck out of them. Go back after 4-5 deliveries and complete those stops.

    One day the division mgr came out to do a DR audit. I had just got done sheeting a whole page of deliveries. He took my clipboard and said "What's this?" He took the page (with copies) and tore them up. He said we don't do things that way. After he left with the audit sheet, I sat there and resheeted the entire page. Then started delivering again. I used to be one of the first drivers back to the building daily (like I said , I was young and dumb). I've gotten a little wiser and wealthier since then.

    I like when you spot them following you and they think you don't know they're there. It doesn't happen near as often as it used to (or does it?). I don't think they have the ambition to do it anymore. Most of the sups around here do as little as possible. They've been beat into the ground just like the hourly. All they want to do is make it to retirement.
  16. sendagain

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    You are employees which means they have the right and the duty to watch you doing your job. I could have pointed out a couple drivers back in the day which should have been watched.
  17. dragracer66

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    In my building a few years ago we had a manager following the same driver everyday for like a month. This was like 6 month's after 9/11 and everyday he would use a different vechicle. So finally one day after the national security code was raised to a higher level he called 911 and reported that a suspicious vechicle was following him and he was concerned about his safety and he also noted that he had alot of hasmat's. The police showed up (6 of them) and the manager was questioned and let go but the driver never stopped and he acted like he knew nothing. The next day he was questioned on what he did and his response was " I was just doing what you told us at pcm, be on the look out for suspicious vechicle's and report any activity that's not normal!!! I thought that was a good story!!!!
  18. local804

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    Yes, we are all employees and UPS does have the right to watch us. They also have the right to give equal treatment to the runners and the drivers that they go drinking and fishing with. They can do whatever they want as long as its done to everyone and not just the people they dislike. But I am sure we will all agree that "thier favorites" will never get written up. As long as I am treated with dignity and respect, they can do what they want. When I notice a suit following me, I just do my job as usual and they really dont have anything bad to comment on. I also will give then my offroutes and tell them my count is too high and then they have nothing to say.
  19. upsdude

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    I think most of the “on road observations”, “following”, and “spying” has more to do with safety these days. I also remember being followed back in the day, DR audits and such. Can’t remember my last DR audit, couldn’t tell you that last DR claim I’ve had either. Check-In audits are on the rise, I’m fine with all of them. My sup told me they are required to go out and “observe” the safety methods of all drivers.

    Maybe UPS is finally figuring out that a lack of on-road safety carries a much higher price than a DR claim.
  20. GuyinBrown

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    Not entirely correct. :wink: