[Srs] Feeling ballsy, What would happen if I asked for a raise? (PreLoader) 1yr4months+

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Lbound2, Apr 19, 2019.

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    Eheh :happy-very:
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    I'm reminded of that Dukes of Hazzard scene where Boss Hogg explains to Roscoe about getting 50 percent of 50 percent OF 50 percent...like he's getting a bonus.
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    What will you get...a smug, soulless gaze and a warning letter
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    I mean it does say that all wages outlined in the contract are to be minimums.
    So he could technically be given a raise if the company wanted to do so.
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    You'd never get transferred to someone directly, that high up. You'd only get their voice mail.

    What are you going to college for? Is UPS only temporary? You should become a PT Sup, it'll look better on your resume.
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  8. How did I miss this little gem?
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    Gotta like his optimism
  10. Or maybe he could go driving and get a really big raise?
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    don't revive this thread
  12. You aren't helping.
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    Hopefully the OP got his raise