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Can management change the start time for preload to be earlier than normal and if so how far notice do they have to give?

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I’ve seen preload scheduled to start at 1030pm Sunday during peak season. Get used to it
Lol. “Part time job”
I’ve come to the opinion that we need better language for our part timers that actually stay and put an honest days work in every shift. The people that stay in my building are all successful people with businesses or good 2nd jobs and are there for the insurance to take care of their family.
We need to allow these people to fulfill their other commitments year round. If it can be worked out that the employee is able to prioritize UPS during peak season; or that the employee WILL prioritize UPS during peak season because of personal choice, that’s great.
Otherwise, if an employee is part time, they should only be expected to fulfill their normal shift guarantee. Anything extra should be just that; extra. Can’t get anyone to stay? Who’s problem is that?

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anywhere from end of shift to last week on a friday depending on where you are at. It's a flavor of the month thing I am sure to try and get the whole nation scheduled daily but it's extra contractual in many.

As a general rule of thumb, phone communication is a no-no. I would strongly recommend a steward is at least aware of verbal changes. And you err on the safe side whenever you recieve a warning letter for attendance and it has not reached a written conclusion because your BA may or may not be trash who pulls an "intent of the contract" rabbit out of his @@@