started as a dockworker , but want to be package delivery driver

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by Polak500, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. Polak500

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    Hello , I just started working in Ups freight as a dockworker 2 months ago
    I'm 19 years old and I want to become package delivery driver
    Could somebody give me any hints how to become a package delivery driver?
    and what drive license I need for delivery driver?

  2. GillEagan

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    According to the various posting I have seen on this forum, it takes something like 10 years to become a driver. Senority is king at UPS.
  3. silenze

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    I don't know if its possible to switch from freight to package. You should look into driving tractor trailer for freight.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    It is currently not possible to move between opcos.
  5. greengrenades

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    First, turn 21. Second, sign the bid sheets.
  6. mvol50

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    Per my TM, to work in small package you would need to quit with a positive rehire status and be hired in a small package facility. It does take time to become a brownie driver but if you're willing to grind it out and do some seasonal driving, it is possible to make it happen.

    Personally, as someone with 9 years of small package and 1 year of freight. Ups freight is a country club and you're better off getting your class A and being a P+D driver or a road driver. Less money, but less stress, less hassle, and way more need for drivers.

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  7. somebodiesgot

    somebodiesgot Member

    I work on a small dock and probably half of the drivers who drive city work 12-14 hours a day all year round.
  8. mvol50

    mvol50 Active Member

    Just wait. Ups freight is still new. The language will change contract to contract and eventually there will be an excessive overtime clause in the contract for freight as well.

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