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    I interviewed for a temporary driver position, found out that working pt preload was a better way to get in to the permanent driving position. I searched the forum and realize the time it takes to get on varies greatly depending on location. I do have a couple questions that I didn't find while searching the forums, appreciate any advice, thanks in advance.

    1. what have other folks done for jobs with flexible hours that would allow me to work preload? regular 8-4 and 9-5 shifts won't work.
    2. I know what current top rate driver pay is, how long does it take to get there and what is a starting rate for a driver?

    Thank you
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    Construction and landscaping/lawn services are the first 2 that come to mind. You may be able to find work in either of these 2 fields as they tend to be more flexible in their hours and may be more willing to work with you and may even let you work off the books/under the table, depending on the employer. Another good bet is a temp agency or even a day labor firm, such as Labor Ready, may work for you.

    I worked nights stocking shelves at a grocery store and also worked days delivering auto parts while I was a cover driver. Both of these employers were very willing to work with me as they knew I was trying to go FT at UPS. It also helped that my (ex) wife is a RN and we had her pay and benefits to fall back on during the 11 months that I was a cover driver.

    As for the progression, I believe it is 3 years but please don't quote. You can find out for yourself by clicking on the NMA link on this forum's home page.
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    i worked afternoons at uhaul for awhile.