starting pay for supervisors?

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    I'm wondering what the starting salaries look like for part-time supervisors. I know they are probably varied and that they aren't suppose to disclose that info, but I'm sure some of us here have heard things.

    Do you think they at least would give you a raise? I know some of us more ambitious part-timers are making decent money with extra shifts, air driving, etc... I'm making about 2200-2300 monthly right now as a part-time sorter/air driver and wondering what that could look like if I went into a supervisor position. I pick up every shift I can to make decent money here, but that usually means picking up shifts on both saturday and sunday. I sure would like to know what a two day weekend feels like again, hell... I'd like to even know what a one day weekend feels like.
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    About 375 a week tops.
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    407 is that after taxes?


    I am still suprised to see how anyone who works at UPS would consider working as a P.T. supervisor after seeing the B.S. they put up with, stay where you are at, you have a better chance at Driving and making a lot more than what they will ever make. You would be making one of the worst decisions of your UPS career if you jump to the other side guaranteed! I will list the Pros and cons


    Cons- No overtime pay regardless of how many hours you work, Horrible insurance gets worse every year and no bonuses! No Union representation in case you actually need it. I can go on and on but get the hint!:angry:
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    You'll make a little more as a PT SUP if you just started working at UPS. If you do decide to go that way make sure you are looking for another job because your career at UPS will be brief.
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    how interesting because alot of the p/t sups at my hub are super easy going, they dont yell or disrespect you, you just do what they tell you to do, and give it your best and all is good. Many of them are my age or in their early 20's, many have been there as sups 5, 7, 8 years +. So whatever hubs you all are at must be sure hell. Infact another package handler just told me of how some top suits came to our hub 9 months ago, and one of them started yelling at the sorters, cursing, asking why the belt was stopped. Those sorters for that unload stopped unloading, then the unloaders in that unload, then the loaders, before you knew it the entire facility was on strike for 3-4 hours. The suit eventually apologized and everyone went back to work.
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    There is no way a sort was shut down for 3-4 hours.
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    It has happened at Black River when the power went to brown out on time. A loader who shall remain nameless(not me), thought he was helping clear a computer problem. The sups were grumbling about a brown out. Someone said if you trip the main breaker that you can clear it. Next thing you know, the nameless loader went to trip the main breaker.
    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    I have never seen Psyco Susie's face so red. Well, anyways, our sort was down for 3 hours. We sat on the belt, sleep in trucks, smoked cigs, whatever we wanted because we couldn't load those packages without that lovely little PAL sticker. The next two hours were hell. The memories were sooo worth those two hours!!!
    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    word has it not only did they stop working when they go back to work they ended up leaving aobut around 6am. I do see that at my facility sups get :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: talked, its much reverse then what I've read, Sure the sups do their motivating but its not like how I see union employees acting. Seems the union is strong where Im at, just observations. Lol infact many of the guys in my unload say :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: this job all the time, theres two guys that literally will just post up and stand taking a break nothing ever happens, I dont copy what they do but its interesting to watch.
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    Heard a past employee high on pcp also stripped down naked and was going nuts around the hub, LP was having a hard time trying to get him redressed.
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    can someone tell me about the benefits for pt sups? I mean in terms of how long it takes to be covered (18 months???). And also what the copays and payroll deductions are. This is very important to me please help.
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    dont make fun of that guy he was the fastest loader on the planet. he could load a feeder in 5 mins flat.