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  1. Analbumcover

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    Been doing preload for about 4 weeks and got the call from our center manager to report next weekend for Saturday air. Since it's my first time driving there will be a sup with me.

    I was wondering what some of the specifics are for Saturday air. Some of the reg temps have told me it's actually a pretty good gig. Low number of stops and pieces, 9:30-3 and my center is in a rural area so the driving is low intensity.

    Any sort of unique factors on a Saturday air as opposed to the week especially with things like commit times?

    Thanks again.
  2. PT Car Washer

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    Saturday Air has 12:00 commit time with rural areas having a 1:30 commit. Not a lot of stops but spread out through a larger area. You could have an area that covers 5 to 10 drivers M-F. Top rate in 24 months which currently pays $27.24/hr. Usually your stops on Saturday will be different every week so it is hard to have a set delivery order.
  3. By The Book

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    That's awful fast to just go out and drive Saturday air, if you will be the one driving. Have you passed the road test and the dot physical, and maybe the driving class?
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Commit times are 90 minutes relaxed.

    Easiest money you will ever make at UPS.
  5. By The Book

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    This is almost always the case, however there will be the occasional Saturday when they get a sick call and divide the pie into less routes, more stops, and miles. On this day it can be very stressful.
  6. Analbumcover

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    Yup I've passed the road test, driver class and have my DoT Card. Technically I'm a reg-temp. ID says BID AIR on it.
  7. Matty_lawn

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    Good luck, anal bum
  8. Dr.Brownz

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    Here they are 2 and half hours relaxed
  9. Siveriano

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    there is a town on my center which has 17 routes but on saturday only 2 drivers cover it. Usually each one having around 30 stops to deliver. Our start time is 745am.

    Ill recommend you to bring a black market and mark the packages in the order they are on your delivery log.
    On my early days as a saturday driver i used an app on my phone which will organized my stops in order its called BestRoute they have a free version.
  10. Siveriano

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    From 90 stops by lunch to 30ish by noon. Plus some times the hospital dont have the envelope ready thats another 30 minutes of chill.
  11. Brisket

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    Or better yet, pick up a map book and find out where the furthest noon commit is and start there and plot every one BEFORE you leave ,That way you are not wasting time.
  12. Two Tokes

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    Running Sat Air is a great way to learn at a slow pace the demands of the job, plus you learn a larger area which will help you when you go rtd or full time
  13. vvv

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    That should not be the case unless you want to be a cowboy and try to do too much. Just because they're short doesn't mean you saddle up and give more. I keep the same pace and let them worry about it.
  14. vvv

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    No doubt......if I feel like grabbing some extra money and don't have anything going on I'll take the Saturday pickup run. Work 6 hours on time and a half......only 7 pickups all spread out and don't handle anything heavy's all good!!