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    First, I suspect most aspects of this question depend on the local contract. I'm reviewing master now, and will look at my local after.

    So as I understand it at my job (was told by coworkers) we don't actually get paid until our listed start time, no matter what time we clock in, or "registers in." My understanding of the labor law is that you get paid when you clock in, but I've also heard that the contract supersedes labor laws. Well reviewing the master contract it states "time shall be computed from the time that the employee is ordered to report to work AND REGISTERS IN"

    The way I understand that is that my registered in time should be when I start to get paid.

    Anybody have any insight?

    Edit: I just answered my own question. If any1 reading wants to throw their 2 cents in go ahead, always willing to learn.
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  2. Slacker45

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    Haha just saw employer will not allow workers to work prior to start time., but if anybody could clarify that this contract disregards labor laws
  3. MyTripisCut

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    What job do you perform at UPS?
  4. Slacker45

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    Ugh I'd really rather not say. Super paranoid management reads this stuff. Does it really matter?

    I'm in the union
  5. Bubblehead

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    Why would it matter if management reads it?....because no, I don't think it matters at all if they do.

    But yes, by all means, maintain your anonymity.
    Don't be like me.
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    Alright :censored3: it. Pkg handler.

    I'm mainly asking this question because my start time is 5 min later than what they say. Ie 4:00 start time, mine is 4:05. I was told by management that the start time is for unloaders and stuff, but our start time is 5 min later

    However, everyone on my belt gears up, and stuff as if the stated start time is correct, and we even have the meeting before my start time. Hell one day the belt started before my start time
  7. Scottyhawk

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    When I was part time I always started earlier the posted start time, sup would adjust time card after shift
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    I told my sup. He told me not to work. So I didn't, packages started coming down, and he was pissed I was stacking from the start
  9. Slacker45

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    Like those 5 minutes matter. While I'm putting my belt/scanner on, doing the pcm stretching since apparently I don't get one, and my send agains 40 packages went by. That's the big reason I'm pissed. I don't like to start work behind
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    talk to your union rep. UPS is known to steal our money. Just imagine how many 5 minutes add up too. Also, don't be so paranoid, management shouldn't harass or retaliate.
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    Shouldn't is the key word. I've already made some moves with my rep. Hoping things are just resolved but am considering grieving all the workers on my belt for gearing up and attending the meeting before the start time, since the sup told me everyone should have the same start time as me
  12. Brisket

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    PCM should be after the start time ( it is here) , and the reason your start is after is most likely to allow the pkgs time to travel the belt system to get to you, otherwise you are being paid to stand there( and you know the company won’t have THAT) lol!
  13. wide load

    wide load Starting wage is a waste of time.

    You done f’d Up son!!! Now they are going to ask all 200,000 package handlers if they are you!
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  14. Appvol

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    If they are starting you at 4:05 don’t punch till 4:04. Let it pile up. Drivers love finishing loading there trucks. It’s more time for them leaving the building later. I would make sure no one with less seniority is starting at 4. You can prime the belt and go start loading your trucks at 4:05.
  15. They're doing that here...starting the belts and seeing if the fish are biting off the clock.
    Let all the pkgs go by until your start time.
    Heck, the am steward and other higher seniority pt time hourly threatened grievances over people working off the clock.

    It's always some kind game. They think we're all dumb sheep.
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  16. Griffin1820

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    Only a couple years ago they tried the same game here and I would sit down in the doorway of my first truck waiting for the clock to tick to my start time. It didnt take long for others around me to start doing the same. Lol

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    As an hourly I don't think any labor contract supercedes labor law in regards to paid Work time. FedEx went through this years ago with a lawsuit. At that time most of us would "clock in " before our scheduled Start time, get our get our tracker, printer, and other supplies then proceed to our position for our start time. Since the lawsuit we clock in 5 min before our start time, which is paid, to get our materials. If you are performing any work function you should be paid for that time. As others have said if you have not "clocked in" do not perform any work function. You would just be working for free.
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  18. Eat Sleep Fish

    Eat Sleep Fish Isaiah 5:20

    I wouldn't even listen to the PCM before my start time. Hang out in the break room or something. You gotta be tough with these bozos.
  19. 542thruNthru

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    Damn you Mak! You edited just before I could reply. Well done sir.

    Still missed one though. :)
  20. 542thruNthru

    542thruNthru Well-Known Member

    They play this game all the time.

    Don't go to the PCM. Don't feel obligated to start working before your start time. They complain that you are backing up just shrug and tell them to start you earlier. As someone else has already said. Soon your coworkers will see this and follow suit. Remember you get paid by the hour. F* their numbers this is not a team sport. It's a job and it will get done when you're done and not a minute before.
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