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    Hello to all of my fellow FEDEX'ers. I am new to Brown Café but have been reading the forums for awhile before joining. I work at a small station in the Midwest for over 11 years now. My station has a part time manager who is there one or maybe two days a week. Generally I like that except the manager does not have the same feeling of loyalty to our station as he/she does for their domiciled station. Therefore I am uncertain if the information we are being given is correct or not. So I would like to ask if anyone out there has gone through a change of ramps and a possible station reorganization.
    Our station will be changing ramps in the next couple of months. We will be about an hour from the new ramp instead of two and a half hours. That means our freight should be there earlier by at least an hour if not more. Also rumor has it the ramp will shuttle our freight instead of the current three courier/handlers. We are not set up for cans at our station we are bulk loaded. This also means possible route restructuring because of the earlier freight.
    We have been told very little about the impact on our station other than it will be great. What little we have been told is that a rebid of routes happens when 50 or 65% of the routes are changed. Nothing official for the three shuttle drivers as to job status.
    Have any of you been through something like this before and if so what happened at your station. Any information would be greatly appreciated by all of us here. Thank you.
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    Hope all goes well for you in the change. Because we are so far from our ramp, we currently have three P1 commits, 1030, 1200 and 1630. Memphis looked into having the entire station changed to an AA are, but dropped the idea when their research found they would need 16 news employees, and 12 new trucks to do so.
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    Seems like they should have made that change a long time ago. Albeit, par for the course for FDX.
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    Rest assured any changes made will only benefit the company and the higher-ups.

    The hourlies are outta' luck.
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    Dude, your link is bad.