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    Hello guys, I have been reading these forums for awhile and have finally decided to register. I am currently a handler with fedex and have been with the company for about a year and am wanting to move into a courier position asap. Thus, I have a couple questions for all you knowledgeable couriers out there. I may be moving to the Juneau Alaska station to take a full-time courier position which starts at 17.80 per hour. Juneau AK is a fairly high cost of living area, so I was under the impression that the starting pay for this courier position is a bit on the high-end due to the market, is this correct? Or is the starting pay for most full-time couriers 17-18 per hour?

    If I do take the position, I would most likely stay up there to complete my offer letter, then move back down to the lower 48. My question is if I move back down to a station that is in an area with a lower cost of living, would they adjust and decrease my hourly rate based on the station/market? If that is indeed the case, I will most likely just hold off for a full-time courier position that is a bit closer to me currently. Thanks for the help!
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    Welcome FedexCares. Yes, they will decrease your pay or upgrade it depending on the market.
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    Yes that is correct, I moved from Atlanta, GA to the midwest in a smaller market and they cut me a 1.20. But that would be interesting going to Juneau, Alaska. Years ago I bid on a job up there and got offered but turned it down... Always wondered about that......
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    Welcome FedexCares. I love your user name. It's kind of like Jumbo Shrimp, Biggy Smalls and Congressional Accountability.
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    Just a quick few words of wisdom. Do NOT identify yourself here with tip-offs like transfer locations, pay rates, and the like. Management monitors this site, and unless you want to be a stooge for them, don't let them know who you are. I love the username too.
  6. I'll come out of the shadows and add the terms "military intelligence" and "Microsoft Works" to your list of oxymorons.
    I just want another like from MFE.

    Back to lurking.
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    I would look really close at this before committing. (Housing, health care, food and fuel). Alaska isn't a little bit more expensive, its a LOT more expensive. Also markets like this where theyhave trouble filling positions usually have a longer commitment period. Do not rely on what the hiring managers tell you. They are notorious for telling lies to get you in the door. Get another source for the real story. Best option is if you can speak with a driver already at that station.
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    True. Even top rate will be a pittance considering Alaska prices....and it will take you 22 years to get there.
  9. Guapo

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    Longer than that... 9 years in and I make .87 more than new hire and at least 7.00 less than top out, at .10 a year raise it'll be around 35 years to top out.
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    I had my kids do a spread sheet for me a couple of years ago when we still had reviews. They did several scenarios, but I remember if I got a "7" on every review I would top out in 40 years! I made copies for our managing director, and her response was "I'm not at top of scale either"
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    That sounds about right. :laugh:
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    I think this response is on page 1 of FedEx's "Management for Dummies" handbook. Every manager I've had has used this line when the subject of pay progression has come up. Our current manager is still trying to convince us that upper management is trying to do something about mid-range pay progression. Lots of cynical chuckles before a senior courier said, "If they were talking about executive compensation they'd have it done like that <snapping fingers>!"
  13. MrFedEx

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    My guess is that your MD is making at least 125k.
  14. Not too far from that.
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    It would have to be more. A long-term senior in a J-Market makes 140K with 17% bonus potential. MD salaries are not posted, but bonus potential is 25%. They also get stock options. I'm not sure how many though. Total has to be 200k and up. If not, they can make FAR more in similar positions at other companies with less responsibility.
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    Our SM and MD use the same tired old line. "If you topped-out in a couple of years, you'd have nothing to look forward to". That's a steaming pile of shat.
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    I'd say "give me nothing to look forward to then..I can handle it"
  18. MrFedEx

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    Me too. This craphole is truly unbelievable. If their noses grew like Pinnochio, we'd run out of wood.
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    They really need to stop using these blanket comebacks from corporate. It makes them look totally foolish when we here the exact same lines across all the stations. I've heard the EXACT same line during a workgroup meeting and everyone started laughing. Then anger, because it's something we would tell very small children. Pathetic that some actually believe this nonsense from management.
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    ​Yeah because we have SO much already to look forward to!