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    I was hired as an unloader last year and I enjoy the job. I've tried loading and small sort too. If I was hired to unload, does that mean I will be one permanately or do they move you as time goes by
  2. One does not Simply move Up as Time Goes
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    It's whatever you choose to do.

    You pick what job you want to do when the bid sheets get posted, if you have enough seniority and there is a position open, then you get that job.

    Otherwise, you basically get put where they need you. Whether it be unload, loading cars, splitting belts, etc.

    I've got friends in preload that have been in the sort aisle for 15-20 years, and still love it.

    It used to be a "skilled position" with a small pay raise, but that's been done away with, now that PASS is around.
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    You can either bid other jobs if thy are posted or your Sup will put you where you are needed.
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    "dukey24" is clearly a puppet account for "Loyal Teamster."

    Don't waste your time responding.
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    But be careful. If you chose to stay as just a PT unloader you could be viewed as a loser by your peers. good luck!
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    True. Unless you are the top seniority unloader and than you can be the first to cut out every night. Sometimes 5 minutes after the sort starts if everyone shows up.
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    ^thereby forfeiting your right to your guaranteed 3.5

  9. so true, I believe penn sorter is the most respected
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    Thereby forfeiting your rights to everything except to go home, have a beer and be with your family before you go to your FT job tomorrow morning.