steady consistent planning and efforts

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    What’s Your 20 Mile March? | The Art of Manliness

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    Fanatic discipline?
    It may achieve results,but at what cost?
    Obviously,production is a major element that affects the reality
    of a 9.5 planned day.
    If you want to piss off customers,over dispatching drivers with
    a mandatory return to building time of 19:00 hrs,gives them
    no leeway to actually make service .
    Fanatic discipline is a stupid idea.
    The results may seem positive but in the end customers will clue in.
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    I think you're misunderstanding the authors use of the term "discipline".
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    These elements apply to the UPS I have known over the years and today as well.
    My first thought is that this is a common type of book and these guys will be on the circuit for a couple of years (maybe more) and companies will pay them lots of money to come and speak and so on and so on.
    I have 7 or more books like this in my library.

    Extracted from the article:
    Seven elements that create a good 20 Mile March:

    1. Clear performance markers
    2. Self-imposed constraints
    3. Appropriate to the enterprise [or individual]
    4. Largely within your control
    5. A proper timeframe — long enough to manage, yet short enough to have teeth
    6. Designed and self-imposed by the enterprise [or individual]
    7. Achieved with high consistency
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    Does number 7 refer to how often pkg forecasts change only to still end up 500+ stops off high or low for the day :)