Stealing Time.

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    I dont get this any more,we have a ft drv who got busted again for stealing time.3rd time,an what happens NOTHING! I wonder why i even bother to try an do a good job.23yrs here.So what do they do,they let drv start half hr early on his rt.I asked if i could stay an punch out after him,was told no.We had half hr diffrance start time,but now its an hour.I do have more senorty than this guy.Dont understand this.Sorry for the venting.
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    Is he a runner and gunner?
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    Did you file a grievance?
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    Last I knew Feeders had very generous allowances built into their day. Shifting to keep the preload and local sort up and running, fueling, carwash etc.

    Tomuchdrama; Sign up for feeders to get qualified and then you can exercise your seniority!
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    Feeder drv 13yrs. Look when ur trailers r done,sealed up an ready to go,then its time to go.Mr Perfect im not,but i sure as hell dont come to work just to see how much o/t i can f the company out of.
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    My god 1100/1250 take home is not good enough?
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    That would be good enough for me
  9. Covemastah

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    Tomuch ;;;;; with the new Ivis system in place,they will eventually come at him !!
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    Why would you not go to your steward to remedy the seniority issue first before posting here? Have you even tried? Why are you so concerned about someone elses business? Do you want to see a coworker and fellow union member fired?? If so, and if you enjoy trying to hurt others, go into management.
  11. Covemastah

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    If they changed his start time by 1 hour,the job must be put up for bid !!! You got more juice,BUMP HIM !!!
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    If they changed his start time by 1 hour,the job must be put up for bid !!! You got more juice,BUMP HIM !!![/QUOTE]

    It depends on the local supplement or rider. Here a job's start time must be changed by more than 2 hours and even then the driver who is on the route has the option to bump off or not. He cannot just get bumped off automatically.
  13. Covemastah

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    Thanks Brett in N.England he would get a repost of job change !! Carry on !!
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    OK, not gonna try to be snarky here, but, as some have stated, just do YOUR job and you'll come out alright. You waste your energies on people like this and you'll always come out on the short end. They WILL, as they say, get theirs in the end.

    As for feeders changing his start time, was it because of load difference or destination difference or relay difference? Sometimes this happens here too and it has nothing to do with seniority, running, stealing or doing a GREAT job. It has to do with operations. You might want to find out.

    His start time was changed half/hour? You have no basis for grievance. If YOURS is changed, then you have basis for bump, according to your supplement, whether it be 1 hour or 2 hours.

    You want to punch out later to make up the difference HE is getting? How do you figure? You're only guaranteed 8 and 40. O/T is a "bonus".

    Besides, if you've been here 23 years, as you stated, you know that, as with the weather, just wait around a few minutes or days or a couple weeks, it'll be changed again. Just give it time.

    BUT, do YOUR job. Don't mind others.
  15. Integrity

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    What would you have like to have seen happen?

  16. tomuchdrama

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    Life is not fair i know that,but when did it become fair to steal? Im sure he will get his in due time.We seem to want to look the other way when its a another drvr.Some of u seem to think that the company is out to f us all,some people sure, but not all of us.Have been written up a few times myself.Not trying to be or claim im perfect,im far from it,but when i get myself in trouble its because i f up an not put the blame on the company.Stealing is stealing no other way to look at it.Take care.
  17. tomuchdrama

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    8 and 40 is true,but getting 13hr days an im at 10hrs.Im an o t whore just like the next guy.Just saying.
  18. Integrity

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    What do you think should happen to this person?

    Stealing is wrong no doubt about that.

    Do you want this person fired?

    Stealing time is an often misused term by UPS management.

    Being lazy, getting away with loafing, shooting the breeze with other employees, etc. etc. is not right but these behaviors are not stealing.

    Better management should be the first step in addressing issues like these.

  19. The Other Side

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    Here's some advice....

    WHY dont you just mind your own business and worry about yourself?? His paycheck, production or professionalism has NOTHING to do with you. You are an individual and so is he. If you want to worry about someone else during the day, why dont you adopt a homeless child.

    They will give you plenty to worry about. This should keep you busy.

  20. cachsux

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    I hope you don`t act this way at the building or I`m sure there would be people who would make sure you barely got your 40. Written up a few times yourself? Make sure you`re spotless before you start worrying about others.