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    what can we do about union stewards filing on part time sups for working? package car stewards are walking the floors after their route and catching sups working. they are not talking to any of the part-timers about sups working. they catch them, and file. if they were trying to fix this problem they would talk to workers and encourage new hires to file and how it works. been there 12 years and well aware how it works but their grievence trumps mine, because the 3 stewards doing this all have more senority then me. they are not interested in helping us, the 4 hr. a night guys, they are just trying to get paid. a sorter or loader cannot walk the floor during the sort and look for working sups. theyre on the low end of senority list so they dont win a penny if steward also files on same thing. at union meeting i once heard that we had to fight back when the company tries to take advantage of a situation or loop hole. is this not what these stewards are doing?
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    Yep, happens in our building too. Seems that if the steward doesn't work the area where the sups are working they would give a heads-up to those employees who were cheated out of hours. Bummer is that some don't care except for their own pockets. Maybe someone else will have more info on this practice.
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    These stewards are not practicing good stewardship. Their role should be to educate the newer employees and advise them on the grievance process; however, if no one is willing to file on the sups working then by all means the stewards should.
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    Surely they are filling because others won't. My Stewart has tried countless times to get people to file sups working but no one wants to do it, in fear of retaliation. They don't realize how much money they are losing money every time a sup touches a package
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    I'm a steward also. Truth is that in my building, everyone complains but no one will put "pen to paper" and file the geivence. I do see your point, but at the same time, the company is going to get tired of handing out "free money" because they don't want to follow the contract. So, whether the steward or another person files, it's making the statement that someone knows it's not right. I personally would focus on the education of my fellow union brothers, but "seniority rules". Im a 17yr employee & still not the highest senior in my dept. so I would opt that the money go to the highest senior that it affected.
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    This goes to what I stated in another post about group grievances. There are some employees who are fearful, but may be willing to keep track of the time and dates if the they see the super sups working. If you have a network of people who may have your back in the dark that management does not know about then then this helps. Exlpain to them what a group grievances is and they may help and place names on the greivance. I found that people are more then ever willing stand up if they see others placing names on the greivances. I have done this for over 15 years and it works all most everytime time. Then when you get the money be nice and give equal shares to the others that signed the grievance. You may have to do this twice or three times but then people will see they can get the money and will then come out of the wood work. The stewards who do this need to stop this and get a good kick in the ass and stand behind you and support you guys.
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    It sound like your area has the "bounty system" for supervisors working grievances. This policy makes it easier to file such grievances because he who files first has priority (and this encourages members to seek out supervisors working).

    Think of it this way: if there are drivers filing on p/t supervisors working, they are being paid at their higher rate of pay thereby increasing the penalty to the Company. Now a wise management team would quickly put an end to any supervisors working, but I have yet to see a wise management team.

    You might communicate with these stewards and ask them to throw you a bone once in a while, or improve your communication network with part-timers who do cruise the floor (irreg drivers, clerks, car washers/car parkers, damage/hazmat response people etc).
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    thanks for all ur guys info. 1 union steward told me that the full timers have given up on part timers because they don't come to meetings and don't file on working sups. most of the part timers i talk to and ones that work on our PD say they don't feel like their is any point to file or get involved. they say our BA and stewards only care about full timers. had an idea of talking to BA about having a part timer only union meeting. I know BA is not baby sitter but maybe getting part timers together can take care of some problems and get everyone at monthly meeting. not sure if this is even possible. would appreciate any ideas.
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    The only way I got my co-workers involved when I was part-time was to bring food.
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    J, these are some good points. We kinda felt the same way here. I've stated before, we never saw any p/ters at our general meetings, but I feel, more importantly, at out contract proposal meetings. Then wonder why they got "screwed".

    Briefly, at one of our last proposal meetings (they were held on Sat and Suns so that everyone could attend and given proper advance notice so there'd be no excuse), we attended on Sun cuz our sleeper run brot us in then. Our of 5 (yes, FIVE) in attendance, 3 were feeder drivers and 2 were BAs.

    As a steward, I would see these same instances you are talking about. I would inquire as to who could, would, should file in the p/t ranks. NO ONE would step up. All afraid or complacent. So, again, as a steward, what do you do? If you are available for the work at the time, YOU file, on behalf of yourself or some other senior person. In my case, it certainly wasn't about the $, being in sleepers I didn't need it. It was about the company doing the right thing and defending the contract. SOMEBODY had to do it.

    Get together with your BA to have a p/t only meeting? Good idea. Now, trying to get alot/most/all the p/ters there: Bad idea. It ain't gonna happen. Sorry. It's been tried here many times with dismal results. On the union part? No, guess.

    My advice to you? Keep on the watch. Ask the steward WHEN you can file. Ask them to help you with a grievance if you qualify. Point out to others WHEN they can file and then prod them to do so.

    Good luck.
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    I get calls all the time this sup is working ,that sup is working ,I don'y get my 3 and 1/2 ,etc. but no one with very few exceptions will file or speak up. They want me do do it for them, very frustrating. I have stood at the gate and ask people why they are going home early and the sups are doing there job and have gotten run over. !
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    How do you know that those stewards that are walking the buidling are benefiting with the grievance money? I walk the building several times a week for hours at time and file grievances on behalf of the employees. I dont proift from any of those grievances. I spread the money out to the part timers hoping they will get a taste of the free money. But if they dont step up at that point than I have plenty of full timers with stones to put their names on the grievances.

    Write down what you see and bring it to the attention of a steward and get involved yourself. Ask the sup why he/she is working and relay it to the steward, let them know that your sick of teh sups working and taking money out of your pocket and that you would like to file for that contract violation. When you get the check show it to other part timers to get them involved.
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    reply to 705red. i appreciate ur help, but I know that these stewards are walking the floor because i see them do 3-4 times a week. I have asked all the loaders on the belt if they have filed against the sup. working and none have or had a grievence filed for them. I ask the sup why he is working everytime i see him working, twice in front of full time hub sups. the 2 grievences I have filed have been won by stewards. this not sour grapes cause higher senority wins ( i have won on a grievance before by senority). I last 2 months this 1 p/t sup. has been filed on 11 times. 11-my 2=9. 9 times someone has benifited and no part timers are saying they have. There are 2 other p/t sups that get caught working all the time. This is a building wide problem. I try to stay involved but i also: carwash, fuel in feeders, and shift. Need help to
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    Some of us just want to get the hell out of there. Been sorting for ten years, doing two jobs for the last four. Just hanging around for a driving position. I get it, I do. Sups shouldn't be doing our jobs, cuts our hours etc. But when you work in a 95 degree sweatbox, after putting in 8 hours somewhere else, you just don't care anymore. Or even for the noobs, they just went to college, spent all day in a classroom, etc. Everyone just wants to get the hell outta there.
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    In our local, the stewards and others have made it clear they do not want anyone filling for the money except "the club". It took a while but I did get them to admit it.
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    ...and that is exactly the attitude mgt wants from their part timers. Get in, do the job, go home. Want to leave early? Sure. Want your 3.5 hour guarantee? No, just wanna go home. Do you care if the sup helps you break that jam or close out that feeder? No, just wanna go home.
  17. The steward in our building doesn't give a darn if sups are working. I asked him for grievance forms and he tells me that I won't win. When we are short people the so-called steward will let management work and tell them to tally up the time worked and pay the top seniority guy those hours. How can the steward tell them who to pay off? He says I can't file because they are already paying off the top man!!
    This bs wouldn't happen in the local I was in before I transferred, but in our small building here nobody has the balls to say anything. They are just a bunch of wussies who are scared to file here. It doesn't help that the steward is "in bed" with management either!!
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  18. I WAS a proud Teamster at my last local.....this local has me ashamed to be a Teamster. There are times I wish I hadn't have transferred here because of this. In one year now I have NEVER saw even 1 greivance filed, and there has been plenty of instances where there was good reason to.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Did you know that you can go over the steward's head and file your grievances directly with the BA?
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    Write a letter to your local protesting your stewards actions. If you get no response, call the NLRB.
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