still eligible to drive?

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    longtime lurker, first time posting..
    iv been on the preload for a lil over a year now. iv been thinking its time to get into driving so i signed the TCD bid list. long story short I just got a speeding ticket a few weeks ago an im wondering did that just kill my chances of driving or will like something lk defensive driving clear me out? thanx for any info
  2. barnyard

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    In my center, you could be ineligible for a year.
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    Depends on what your local DA's policy is on tickets and how severe it is (ie. 65 in a 55 at night on the highway vs. 65 in a school zone....) If you have a good driving record and pay for a lawyer -- which I always do in my state -- then you might get it dropped to an improper equipment infraction or other non-moving violations. I'm assuming if you get it dropped it does not DQ you from driving.
  5. UPSGUY72

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    Your going to have to sign that list again next year.
  6. barnyard

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    Not here. A ticket is a ticket.

    We had one guy lose his license for a short time because he missed a court date over a parking ticket. He did not find out he was ineligible until he signed a bid. Had to wait a year for the license suspension to get off his record. That suspension was over a parking ticket.

    If you are going to depend on your drivers license to make your living, you are an idiot if you do not protect it as the valuable asset that it is.

    To me, that means I do not drink and drive and I also do not go over 100 mph on my motorcycle or in my wife's very capable car. In my state over 100 is immediate suspension. I would be an idiot to travel over 100 no matter how much fun it is.
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    I could not agree more. As a former VERY aggressive driver, once I won a bid to go FT, I had to lighten up my pedal foot quite a bit. Yea, it's fun to drive fast, but it would be much less fun to have to come home and tell my wife that I lost my VERY good paying job because my driving habits put my license in jeopardy.
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    Here a parking ticket is not considered a moving violation. No points on your record for one. More like a fine since its mostly just a way for the city to make money. You might lose your license if you had a bazzillion unpaid parking tickets but that would be an extreme example.
  9. guwop

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    even if i plead not guilty an go thru the process and end up winning am i still ineligible? im in texas btw. the ticket was a 36 in a 20 1st day of skool 3 min into the skool zone time frame.
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    Come on man, it's spelled SCHOOL. Lazy, or unintelligent?
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    He is probably just kool.
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    ​Doing 16 over in a 'skool' zone, I know what my guess is.
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    Your not getting that reduced your where in a school zone. Chalk it up to a lessoned learn and be ready to sign the list again next year.
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  14. barnyard

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    You will also lose your license if you do not pay the ticket, then ignore the court summons, not show up for your court date and then not pay the fine the judge imposes.

    It is quite a few hoops to jump through, but someone has done it, I work with him.
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  15. UnsurePost

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    Here it is more than two infractions in three years (3 in 3) that gets you DQ'd. iirc
  16. DriveInDriveOut

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    I've been told it's three years with no moving violations here. I've been fighting my need for speed for quite some time now.
  17. Ouch

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    When they pass the dot sheet out requesting your driving record be sure and put that on there. I dont think one ticket will boot you out of driving. If you can go to driving school and get it dismissed do it.
  18. brown_trousers

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    Im sure it may vary state to state, but parking tickets are usually only attached to the car, not the driver. Because they dont know who parked the car, it could have been you, or your wife, or your child. And many times a car is registered under both the husband and wife's name, so they cant issue 2 tickets to both husband and wife.

    With that being said. The registered owner (or owners) are responsible for that fine no matter who was driving. But I doubt it would ever show on a driving record. It doesnt over here in washington.
  19. UPSGUY72

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    In my area it's no more that 2 moving violations in 3 years and none within the past year.
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    looks lk im stuck on the preload for another year. appreciate the info.