Still have to work Saturdays after getting full time driver due to lack of cove

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    I just got full time driver after 1.5 years of reg temping. So of course I didn't show up on Saturday but now the Saturday sup is trying to say the few of us that just got full time have to work Tues-Sat because of lack of coverage! I haven't gotten as far as what I'd be getting paid if I did but knowing them they'd probably try to stick us with air pay. Why should I give up a full pay day and work for $13.00/hr because they didn't properly coordinate their staffing before pushing people through to full time?!
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    Call your HR person who hired you full time. If you've gone to driving school I cant see you having to report for your part time position unless you are a casual and only driving as TCD
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    Wrong answer.

    Call your shop steward or call the local and talk to your business agent.
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    Right answer
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    The Upstate NY supplement has provisions for a "non-traditional" work week, which is what the OP has described above. His manager may well be within his rights to have the OP work Tuesday-Saturday; however, it would be blatantly unfair for the OP to be paid driver rate T-F and air driver rate on Saturday. If the pay rate were to be the same and the daily guarantee would apply each day then the OP would have little recourse other than to report to work T-S.
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    Give the new guy a break.:laughing:
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    ​I hate it when he is right.
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    I am giving him sound, sensible advice. Which makes way more sense than pulling something out of my butt that may not even apply to his or her region.
  9. Brownslave688

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    He likely wouldn't be guaranteed 8 hours on Saturday though. Only the top 90% of drivers that report Monday are guaranteed 40 hours for the week.

    At least that's how my local reads.
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    He didn't say 40 hr guarantee, he said daily guarantee.
    If scheduled and put to work as a full time driver, he would be entitled to his daily guarantee.
    ​Aside from a local agreement to the contrary, I think he is right and I hate it.

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    But he's guaranteed to work 8 hrs when he does have to work. So if he is needed on a Saturday, he should be guaranteed 8. If he s not needed say Friday, then no he wouldn't be guaranteed 40.
  12. Brownslave688

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    Ok wasn't sure how that worked.

    We tried this type of thing once. With guys that were laid off and bumping.

    A driver filed that it was extra work that should of went in order of seniority. He won't some big bucks.
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    I currently supervise a Sat Air Operation, all of T-S full time drivers are paid their normal "ground" rate with an 8hr guarantee unless they opt to go code 5. "6th punch" drivers r paid their OT rate with a 4hr guarantee. This may vary from supplement to supplement. I hope this helps.
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    With low volume on Mondays, a few routes are cut so new seniority drivers are laid off in my Hub. Its normal for them to work Tuesday-Saturday. I doubt that he would have a route on Monday because the stops aren't there.
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    Thanks for all the advice, I'll be seeing HR today to take a look at the description on the bid list I signed and will talk to my steward. I will probably rarely get bumped on Mondays; the route I'm on and ran through peak is a heavy business route. There's only 2 other drivers trained on it and they absolutely hate running it, they'd rather go home. However if it ends up I do have to do Tues-Sat it's at time and a half like Upstate said. For some it may not be a big deal but for the last 10 including the 1.5 years here I've had to work weekends. I finally got a taste and they pull this :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:, and of course it was only with our wave that just got pulled on. None of the previous waves have had to do this.
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    They tried that T-S work week when I first started and didn't know any better. After a call to my steward I never hear about it again.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Read your supplement---you may be surprised to see provisions for a "non-traditional" work week outlined there.
  18. Indecisi0n

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    He doesn't need a route to get his 8. They tell me on Mondays "we don't have anything for you want the day?" I said no. I normally end up doing 8 hours of assessments or pushing a broom. Either way I get my 8.
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    Thanks for all the advice and information. I doubt I'd get bumped on Mondays because the route I run and ran during peak is heavy business and the 2 other drivers trained on it rather go home. If I did have to work Saturdays and it ends up being driver rate it would soften the blow a little. It's just that for the last 10 years including the 1.5 here I've worked weekends. So of course I finally get a taste and they pull this crap. I would understand if it was common bit no one else before us has had to do this.
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    I wouldn't be thrilled with working Saturday but it would be a cakewalk as opposed to "busted route Mondays". Having every Monday off during football season would surely ad to my weekly libation bill.