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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by robonono, Jun 10, 2002.

  1. robonono

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    I continue to thank Bear Sterns for their timely recommendation. Nice runup for the past week! How about today - ~$62.70, up ~$1.35.

    Maybe their $80 price is going to happen!!
  2. rshoe4056

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    Hey...I'll take 75! I'm not greedy!
  3. wkmac

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    Yesterday's share price increase was a pleasant surprise but many read into this that something positive took place with the contract. Not saying this isn't the situation (I don't know) but I think what we are seeing right now is some investors want a low risk investment with a management they can trust. With all the various CEO's, etc. in legal trouble and the fallout from bad accounting practices, investors see UPS as a safe, tried and true place to park their investment money. Add to this that many see good quality stable earnings ahead and you have the parts in place for share price increase. There are some negatives but right now out balanced by the positives. The Morgan Stanley survey was a positive also but I'd still like to see us crack into the 9's on those catagories. Take care.

  4. moreluck

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    :happy: The market took a sharp dive and UPS stock was able to keep it's head above water. That's incredible!!
  5. robonono

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    I totally agree with your comments.

  6. wkmac

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    The one thing that amazes me is this time last year you had a number of nay-sayers predicting UPS in the toilet about now because of the contract. Well we currently are right at our 52 week high and yesterday for a moment we went past it to a high of $63 and then fell back but still in positive territory. I'll be the very first to completely admit if we drop the ball with this contract, more than share price will be lost and we all will suffer. UPS isn't the best investment on the block but I'll bet there are a whole slew of Dot Com, Technology and other investors who lost their shirts over the last couple of years who would have done anything to have had their money in a slow safe turtle like UPS. Let's get this contract behind us and kick some FedEx Butt!

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  7. Monkey Butt

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    Anybody notice that UPS price per share was higher than FDX today?
  8. redshift1

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    Yes, I wonder if they are in trouble.
  9. feederdriver06

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    yepp............that did catch my eye........I don't ever remember seeing that in the years that I have followed the stock prices.

    The question now is HOW LOW CAN U GO? Before you know it the DOW average will be peanuts and UPS shares will be worth 10 dollars or less. Anyone holding on in the stock market thinking "it will come back" you better stop kidding yourself. You may not have the 40 year time horizon that it might take . the same time......its your money.......piss it away as you choose.
  10. moreluck

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    They're both so low, we're both in trouble !!!:knockedout:
  11. 24in11togo

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    In these crazy times I believe this is is a very positive sign for us. We need to stay focused and keep pushing for more bundles everyday.
  12. Ms.PacMan

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    FedEx red driver yesterday asked me if volume was down. I told him some, not much. Same here was his reply.

    He was driving a van instead of a package car!
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If the next time you see him he is on a bicycle you will know they are in trouble.
  14. brownmonster

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    Stock price doesn't mean we're in trouble. It is nice to see FDX finally fall below us.
  15. Int'lguy

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    One key index for the valuation of a stock is the P/E ratio which UPS has been superior over FDX for a long time.
    UPS PE 13.60
    FDX PE 11.84

    While the price of a stock has always been an indicator of value it's really important to understand the number of shares that are out on the market and the return the corporation makes on those shares. Basically, what the market is paying for a share given the earnings on that share is the PE ratio.

    Both UPS and FDX ratios are way down (like the price of the stock) but since the UPS ratio is still higher than the FDX stock, it gives the impression that investors still expect UPS stock to out perform FDX in terms of earnings.
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    Slow day at the office hoax? Nothing like pulling up 7 year old threads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    That's the "then" part. :wink2:

    Got to take lunch sometime. Today, 12:47 PM