Stoners and Drunks Face Off on Important Stuff


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God, help us all.....
Smoke all the F* pot you want, screw and hatch out kids that will never be anything but a drain on the economy. It's all about a good time anyway. Take, take, take, and never give back; some one will pick up your slack.


Nine Lives
I worked at UPS as seasonal temp help last christmas during my senior year of high school. I reapplied after graduation for part-time package handler. I was told during the interview I wouldn't need to take another drug test due to previous results. But about a week later I received a call from someone at the interview center, they told me that I did in fact need to take another drug test. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but this was a week after my graduation and I had smoked pot once at a graduation party, and I was seriously shocked when I failed the test. Does anyone know UPS's policy on this?
UPS will not look at THC unless the levels are off the chart for a non-driving position.
Benzos or cocaine might get their attention.

Here is a site that discusses how long marijuana stays in your system and common measurement thresholds.
How Long Does THC Stay in Your System?
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