Stop Count


I am new to the post have been doing alot of reading on here do to the fact I have been ill flu only no big deal. My wife actually found this site and told me about it I think its great! Nice to chat with fellow upsers about stuff. Anyways I Did 6 years part-time to finally have enough time in to be a driver I love it and hate it. This will be my second peak last year I was one of those runners 320 stops with a helper for 8 hours I was the last driver in every night it sucked as im sure you know. I somehow bid on a route and got it that nobody else wanted but needless to say it is my route. An older driver told me there is no such thing as a good route. It will be interesting to see what they do this year. On another note to all you guys run those big white boxes on wed its food or something (we call them happy meals) Its funny how it says to help customer when you scan them I wonder what they want us to do? I think I will open them this wed and put them in the fridge for them I wonder if that could be worked into my time allowence