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    All I know is whoever this GENIUS is that came up with this stops per car *&U*ER*#E*$R*$# needs to have his *#*#$*Q&@*# kicked! When is the freaking union going to ever step in on the unfairness of alot of the things going on? Sure I know it comes down to the drivers filing, but NOTHING IS BEING DONE ABOUT IT.

    Is this stops per car kick going on in EVERY center? Or just certain ones? Our stops per car keeps going up, the time allowances are total fabricated BS lies! Whats absolutely stupid about it is the weather is already starting to get HOT and we are working twice as hard,,,,OH BUT REMEMBER TO HYDRATE,,,,YEAH no matter how much you HYDRATE theres only so much heat and exhaustion the human body can take without saying Ive had enough!

    The last few nights I have been so POED I couldnt see straight and tonight isnt much better.


    OH lets have PCM's about our accident frequency,,,,well tell you what you keep working us like this and the accidents are going to go up and through the roof. They keep this up and its going to be a record year of workmans comp from people in the ER with heat exhaustion.
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    We are in max vacation mode june-august so Stops Per Car gave gone up in my center. the Dispatcher changes the DPS plan daily,along with the Min/Max being raised so the routes no longer plan.I dont worry about plan,or SPORH or any other nonsense that isnt in the contract. Work Safely and by the Methods. Fair Days Work for a Fair Days Pay

    Get on the 9.5 list ad file file file when you work excessive OT. What are they going to do to retaliate,send you put heavy with a bad load? management cant give a toss if you get mad,or are unhappy etc etc. They DO give a toss when they have to pay out OT grievances
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    We luv logistics
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    Is it smaller facilities where the micro-managing gets worse? I'm a new swing driver, but still don't hear any complaining from route drivers. Keep it safe, no late air, and sheet every package is mostly the mantra around here. Stops per car, hours over, etc, doesn't seem to be an issue.
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    Man this is the time of year i love racking up the hours. I would much rather work 12 hours in the summer than during peak. It's light out til 9 you don't have to worry about snow and it's not 20 degrees. Sure those days that it's 100 degrees out suck and the body can't take many of those but man as long as its 95 or under I'm golden.

    Also you just can't stress out like this about this stuff find a way to cope with it or you won't be around nearly long enough for your loved ones.
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    what do you care, work as directed at a brisk pace and file for harassment if they give you any additional :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:
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    Just remember the most important stop of the day. If UPS gives you a crappy dispatch, smile about it. It's either A).Extra pocket money, B).One day closer to the Opt-in. C). Opt-in the next morning, or D). Fileing the 9.5.


    What do I care? Im the one out in the 100+ degree weather for 10-11 hours a day. We had multiple heat exhastion accidents in our center this last week alone. ALL BECAUSE OF THE STOPS PER CAR BS! 75% of our drivers worked 4-9.5 days this last week. Cutting routes, having UNREALISTIC numbers in a company that PREACHES safety? You will say to file and I agree 100% but so far thats not stopping the guys in Atlanta or wherever from making these ridiculous rules about how many stops to have per car. In a big city it may work, but in a center where you run so many rural routes its stupid and doesnt work. They are spending more money in overtime and workmans comp than they would ever spend putting more routes on. If thats how the math works at UPS then as usual it makes no sense.
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    I don't know how your contract is worded but in this area it's hours worked NOT dispatched. If it is like ours file your grievances as hours worked not dispatched. Their allowances may be theirs to distort on a daily basis but they can't change clocks. Just make sure you're following the methods, don't run, don't cut corners and drive the speed limit. You guys should be putting on a clinic for them. Take your lunch, take your breaks, take the money it's not a 9 to 5 job it's a 9.499 job. You'll never make retirement if you let them get under your skin now.
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    Can someone explain to me what drivers refer to when they say "stops per car"? Literally, I understand it as referring to the number of stops per route. Ok... what's the big deal? What are people complaining about?

    I hear things such as, "going back to stops per car". What the hell does it mean to go back to it? What was it before? Packages per car? That means absolutely nothing if four stops knock out 100+ packages.

    Are people saying that there should be a limit to the number of packages on the truck for each day?

    The language some of you use is very unclear. You assume everyone knows your lingo.


    It basically means exactly what it says. Put a certain number of stops on a car per car to eliminate other routes. They think its a good way to save money but in REALITY its not.

    You say you dont understand what people are complaining about. Ok for instance compare a city like Chicago or just some big city. Ok you have what 50-60 trucks butted up next to each other on routes. They look at the amount of stops they can pull off a truck to eliminate that part of the city by putting those stops on trucks that are close to that area. Ok now compare it to a center where the majority of your routes are rural routes. Adding 20 stops on a rural route can be adding hours to your hours worked. This is why stops per car is absolute stupidity and nonsense. For those of you in bigger cities Im not saying anything about what you are going through.
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    It used to be that it only mattered that each driver had an 8 hour day. Did not matter how many stops he had on his car and you could run as many routes as needed to get the days work done. NOW.....the stops per car mandates that every route in the center must average "X" amount of stops per car. Some routes may have 200, some might have 50 but they must average whatever the magic number is for the day. If not....then routes have to be cut and work distributed to other routes to make that magic number. The extra work is piled on drivers that already have too much. Since UPS has started this process, drivers paid days have gone through the roof.


    SlantnoseChevy I guess the biggest part that gets under my skin is the fact that they talk out of both sides of their mouths. I understand companies have to do whats best for them, but when we preach preach preach saftey and they dont practice it I have a problem with that. I can deal with it I know its just par for the course with this job, it just bothers me simply because last year I suffered heat exhaustion, and the way they are working us its going to happen again. You can hydrate hydrate hydrate hydrate but again I say there is only so much the HUMAN body can take. Its the same here its hours worked and all of us are starting to file.


    Thanks Gman you probably explained it better than I did.
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    ..on pace for over 90k...easiest OT ever too..just cruisin,listen too tunes....sure my baby is usually in bed or getting ready for it..but its good money.. .
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    "Stops per car" as a dispatch criteria is nothing new.
    This is how we did it in the early 80's.
    The fact that the stops per car has been raised when the other attributes that determine a planned day has remained essentially the same is what Hulk is trying to relate.

    Essentially there is a higher average planned day per driver in some centers than there was a few years ago.
    There are several ways of developing a plan and several ways of measuring performance - there is not much difference in the end result regardless of the criteria.
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    Stops per car *&*&*&*@*@$*@&*@#*@

    I love stops per car!! We had a driver pass out at the wheel yesterday!! He slammed into a tree and totally destroyed his pkg car!! He is still in the hospital. It was very hard impact dead center of the front end!
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