Stories of UPS immoral/illegal activity

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    I saw the recent post concerning the Earth City driver who was awarded money and his job back by the Dept of Labor. Made we wonder what other people has personaly seen over the years that should have never happened? Here are a few things that have happened to me.

    Got a piece of rebar stuck in one of my 4 rear tires on a narrow driveway. Tall grass and a 90 deg turn in the driveway forcing the truck into the grass. I could not see the metal sticking up. Called it in and transfered over to the mechanics sup. He told me the truck would be fine riding on three tires. Ok, what about the 12" rebar stick out the side wall? Should be fine he says. Ok, I want you to replace the tire. He says if they send out a repair truck I will be charged with an accident. Ok I say, send the truck out as I don't want to kill someone with a piece of flying metal. He asks me if I'm sure, twice. Yes. No accident charged and they came out and fixed it.

    Called in a leaking hazmat. Sup said throw in DR bag, bring back to building. I said no. He tells me to leave in DR bag at business, he will come out and get.

    Lost reverse once at the end of the day. Can you bring it in? they say. I don't know, I have 4 stops left. They say, we really need you to try no one is here. Like a good boy I did it and nothing happened but I really wonder if something had would they have stood up for me or denied it?

    Any others?

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    I lost all my lights one time at peak after dark in a resi area with about 15 stops left.

    I called it in and they asked me if I could keep going. I told them I could see alright but I was afraid someone would run into the back of my truck.

    They sent a mechanic to follow me with his flashers on while I drove with no headlights and delivered the rest of my stops.

    Or like Tieguy and his fellow desk drivers call them "illuminators". Just another example how things are different on their conference calls then they are in our real world.
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    Driving on the customers grass is as immoral as driving a truck with no reverse in my opinion. Neither approaches the definition of immoral behavior. It's a stretch to say that the tall grass and the 90 degree turn forced you to drive on the customers grass. Are you saying it is immoral to let you off the hook for ruining a tire and costing the company $500 for the tire and the service call?

    I'd say the most immoral (ironic also) thing I've seen or heard of is two different security people getting fired for stealing.
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    I was given the choice to quit or be fired and the union steward just stood there and didn't say a word. There's representation for you. Of course they had every right to get rid of me at the time so, you know, I'm just sayin'.
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    I had a DM and a center manager on different occasions tell me they were "going to have my job". I'm sure they wished that was true because both of them were given the "escorted walk" out the door. One for sexual misconduct and one for juggling too many numbers.
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    The driveway was 2 tire wide dirt paths with no gravel. I was driving a 1000. My sup agreed when she looked at it. Again, no accident charged.

    The residental I delivery requires me to back up or walk a 1/2 mile or more, or turn around in the grass like the people that live there do. I won't do it if there is a shot of causing ruts or getting stuck. Have yet to have a call in in 16 years of driving. But thanks for your concern.

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    They told us we get charged with an accident if we get stuck in the snow. Our new on care supe had to take over for an injured driver. The supe got stuck for 2 hours and needed to be towed out. We no longer get charged for stucks.
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    In all fairness there are plenty of stories that involve non-mgmnt people.
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    I was reprimanded for revealing that *** is NOT a UPSer. I'm not either (anymore), but he's pretending.....
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    I once had a leaking haz mat. Did the drill: Don't touch, secure vehicle, notify sup. When I told the sup, he told me to keep going. I said that is not proper procedure. He said I know the procedures, just keep going. I said no. He spent about ten minutes threatening me and then finally he and another person came out to deal with it.
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    Ups never does anything immoral or illegal especially as far as management is concerned they are holier-than-thou plus it's against the code of conduct.
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    I hope all these conversations were via text messaging through the diad.
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    I had a puncture in the front tire of my package car so I drove to a local tire shop a block away to see if they could fix it. Nope, too close to the sidewall. They do a lot of work on trucks and they had the exact same tire in stock, so I called in to see what they wanted me to do. The Automotive manager didnt want a road call on his record and he didnt want to pay retail price for the tire so he told me to have the tire shop take a good tire off the back axle, switch it to the front, and put the flat tire on the back. He even asked if I could get the tire shop to do it for free, since I delivered there!

    I told him no, I refused to drive on a punctured tire. He kept arguing with me. Cheap bastard just didnt want to pay retail for the tire. So I hung up on him and called my center manager who, thankfully, told me to go ahead and have the tire replaced. He gave the tire shop a credit card # over the phone, and life was good. Safety first!
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    Was he in the lobby getting popcorn and missed the chariot scene in Ben-Hur??? :knockedout:
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    Two weeks ago, One of Our P/T supervisors who we all were all very accustomed to seeing around and working for was arrested for:

    firing a weapon
    armed robbery
    larceny over

    and a variety of other charges too many to list. UPS sure can pick 'em.
    P.S. he is facing 7-25 years in prison and more than enough evidence to go away for a long time.

    If this post is not allowed, please remove, I apologize beforehand.
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    I don't know what your situation was but there are definitely times when, even as a steward, there's not a whole lot to say.
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    immoral stories. When a certain building went to a sunday through thursday schedule some years back many of the feeder runs had to be changed to the same schedule. One of the feeder drivers complained that he could not work sundays because of his religious beliefs. Lo and behold a month later it was discovered that the same feeder driver apparently practiced his religion at truck stops recieving the rewards of lot lizards as he was arrested for soliciting. :happy-very:
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    So what he is a Mormon or something!