Strategically Located UPS Facility In Slovenia Opens As Businesses Shift To E-Commerce “New Normal”


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New package and supply chain facility near Ljubljana opens as businesses of all sizes in Slovenia increasingly take advantage of export opportunities

Today UPS® officially opened its new package sorting and delivery center near Ljubljana, to support Slovenian companies as they turn to e-commerce and exports to grow their business. Located in Zgornji Brnik, near Ljubljana International Airport and part of the Ljubljana Business Center, the new UPS facility will help large and small companies in Slovenia be part of the country’s sustained growth in exports which was forecasted at more than 10% in 2019.

“Slovenia is located at the crossroads of European trade routes, so we have invested in this new facility to help our customers reach new export opportunities in neighboring countries Austria and Italy, as well as Eastern European and worldwide destinations, by connecting them to UPS’s smart global logistics network,” said Yannick Moojiman, managing director for UPS Slovenia, Hungary, Greece and Romania. “As the global economy continues to shift, this facility gives our customers the best possible resources to meet the future logistics challenges of the ‘new normal’.”

The new Ljubljana center has an operating area of nearly 1,400 square meters and a sorting capacity of 2,500 packages per hour, which is double the capacity of the building it replaces. This will help UPS fine-tune its package, freight and supply chain services, to cater to the ever-growing and complex needs of Slovenian businesses of all sizes. UPS has operated in Slovenia since 1991 and now has 110 delivery vehicles serving customers across the country.

The new facility is part of the company’s multi-year, $2 billion European investment plan, which aims to modernize and expand the UPS network across the continent. In addition to Slovenia, UPS recently announced a new facility in Prague in the Czech Republic, as well as new hubs in the United Kingdom and France. As a result of these and other investments, customers across Europe can now ship to more than 80% of Europe’s population within two business days using UPS Standard, UPS’s most economical ground-based service.