Strike in Chicago?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Load Stand, Jul 18, 2008.

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    Apparently there is something ugly brewing in Chicago this weekend...happening under most UPSers noses...

    Better make yourself heard here other UPSers!...I for one cannot even believe they are considering such......there are some threads on this issue under Labor Relations....

    If they do this, we will all suffer...just totally unbelievable....MAKE YOUR OPINIONS KNOWN HERE OTHER NON-CHICAGO UPSERS! THIS WILL AFFECT ALL OF US!
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    Thanks....I'm sure none of us were smart enough to notice it in the other forum!
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  4. 705red

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    Listen here you little management troll, why dont you tell your management negotiating team to get this resolved?

    Why does management always want to blame the union for these strike rumors? It takes two parties to get no were in the talks.

    So instead of taking this contract serious you would rather come on here and plea your case. After tomorrows vote you will have to take the talks serious!
  5. I am an 18 year member of local 710 and I appreciate your response. I truly hope it doesn't come to this. But from what 705Red is reporting, the company isn't even coming to the bargaining table. I realize that this is only message board banter and not proven as fact. Hopefully the intent of the strike authorization is only intended to get serious negotiations to start up.

    I, for one, would be willing to work under the old contract for a limited time in order for a good contract to be hammered out.
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    Chandler im with you! Ups has to take us serious after the vote comes out.

    This past tuesday ups cancelled our fifth to last scheduled talks in 705. We must give ups 48 hours notice to pull members of the committee out of work to attend these meetings. So if they want to schedule more meetings over the next week it will hurt operations as their is 26 upsers on the unions committee. Why should we agree to an extension when they had the opportunity to meet but cancelled.

    I too would like to thank everyone for their support, there is strength in numbers. We all know ups reads these boards so go ahead people fire away and show ups the support.
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    Whats the deal. if they go we go .:surprised:

  8. During the '97 strike, locals 705 and 710 were not technically on strike but were unable to work due to the fact that the work was "struck goods" and other locals put up picket lines at our facilities. I would expect the reverse to be true. We had one guy cross the line.....he is no longer working for UPS.

    Again, I hope this doesn't happen. Why won't the company sit down at the negotiating table? My sense is that they smell weakness. They got, in my opinion, alot of concessions in the Master and they feel they can do the same to us. Remember, if we can get stronger language in our contract it will benefit all of us in future negotiations.

    Just my two cents...
  9. Mike Hawk

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    So if Chicago strikes what all is struck goods? Packages originating from Chicago, or anything that CACH has processed? If the packages originated from Chicago before the strike are they struck?

    What will the rules be if you haven’t got a contract ready by August first?
  10. In our case, the union put up picket lines outside our facilities. We didn't even get close enough to a package to know where it originated from. I don't even know if it's possible for this to be done on such a large scale this time around.

    I can remember in years past where we would keep working under the current contract while negotiations continued. Then we would get a sweet check for retroactive backpay for the contractual raise. I know why the master had to be done by January 1, but I can't understand why all the sabre-rattling for an August 1 drop dead date. Both sides lose if we lose customers.

    Perhaps if I were part of the negotiating team I would have a different perspective. I hope calmer heads prevail. (At least at this time)
  11. 705red

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    Im hoping this is premature, but anyways. Nothing would get out of cach, because once a trailer made it to the rails, we then would put up pickets there and then the rail yards would then walk backing up semis for miles down the tristate (294). Shuting down everything on the south side. Same would happen downtown chicago. All of the high rises are also union and would not allow ups on property because the same would happen. This happened in 97 and downtown chicago was shut down because of all the union freight companies assisted in blocking traffic.

    It was an ugly sight if you were management, but from a union memebres point, i had tears in my eyes, so beautiful!
  12. drewed

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    Im still saying it was a very different world in 97' times were good, if there is a strike of 08' i think itll be very different
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Very, very different.

    In 97 we had public sentiment on our side.

    In 08 we would receive a very different reaction.

    Stay on the job, work under the existing, and continue to work toward a handshake. I don't know if there would be a worse time for a strike.
  14. soberups

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    The reason we have a labor agreement with wages and benefits at the top of the because of our union solidarity.
    Is our union perfect? No. Is this current contract perfect? No. Do I want to go out on strike during these tough economic times? No. Does that mean that we should violate the contract and handle struck goods if our brothers and sisters in Chicago go out on strike? NO NO NO. Regardlss of your personal feelings towards this contract or the union in general, ask yourself what sort of a bargaining position we will be in 5 years from now if we fail to stand together. If UPS knows that we can be divided, we are all screwed.
  15. drewed

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    You are divided, why dont you see that? The 705 and the 710 have isolated themselves from the National, they made that decision, they could be part of the National have a strong local and still hold up any NMA, for the better of the National but no they feel they deserve better, :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: every other brother and sister out there, right 705?
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    Why can't there be one master so we can't be divided? Is this the teamsters idea to have a separate master or the companies?
  17. satellitedriver

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    In 97' the nation was on strike and the small number of 705/710 were not. They honored the strike.
    If ,or when, 705/710 goes on strike, I think the nationwide Upsers will not do like in kind.
    I am a scab from 97, so I expect some heat, but I doubt you will see nationwide support.
  18. brownman15

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    we have a very strong local just because we are not part of nma does not make us weak. would not be able 2 organize a strike authorization vote otherwise
  19. brownman15

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    705 was on strike in 97 2 710 did not 705 members had 2 set up picket lines at 710 locations
  20. drewed

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    It doesnt matter, you still could have held up the NMA if you had a supplement and never accepted it